Questions & Mysteries Do you think more time should pass in-story in One Piefe and other shonen series

For example the entirety of Pre Timeskip one piece takes place in 6 months while post timeskip is only 3 months. Sometimes it feels like these characters haven’t known each other long enough for how close their bonds are. The entirety of post timeskip Naruto takes place in 3 months. (Chunin Exams start July, War arc ends on October 10th, Naruto’s birthday). TYBW takes place over 9 days. Power inflation in such a short time is also weird both Naruto and Luffy go from mid tier to top tier in 3 months
Yeah but it'll never happen

99% of shonen do a timeskip or 2 then time basically stops moving

I'd praise HxH for actually having time pass gradually but everybody looks exactly the same after 2-3 years
In my opinion, it would be more natural for Luffy's progression to be slower. When compared to Roger, Luffy's achievements seem too rapid. Roger was quite young when he embarked on his journey, and he was 40 years old or older when he finally discovered the One Piece. On the other hand, Luffy is not even 20 years old and has yet to reach his prime, but he is already defeating top-tier opponents and already has 3 road Pologyiphs...
Yes,Dragon Ball in this sense was a rarity. But,i think altough it would be more coherent to make more timeskips in Luffy's journey,Oda cant do that for two reasons:

- In such a large worldbuilding created by Oda,for every timeskip he should create new world dynamics
-There is thing of the prophecy,the Dawn that the Strawhats bring to the world,that must probably happen this year. Toki had her prophecy,Roger said "we came too early",and Shanks started only now to search for the One Piece,while in the past he refused Buggy's proposal to travel together because it was not the time..there is surely a prophecy that says that the One Piece must be found this year in history. I think Oda has already the story planned in this way so cant change this now.
My biggest issue is luffys growth. Luffy has only been a pirate for under 3 years. At 17, he started his journey and he was an ant compared to the world around him. I get hes the main character, but even compared to other monsters, his starting point was so weak.

Big mom and oden were born strong, and got even stronger as time passed. 5 year old big mom killed an elder giant without using a df or haki. One shot. I don't think 17 year old luffy is doing that. But im to believe that in 2 years he became pretty much equal to that monsters strength at age 68 when the marines stated shes stronger now than she was at God's valley at age 30? Thats crazy.

Theres no reason why a month ir two cant pass between each arc for sailing, including the pre skip.
On one hand yes. Luffy going from east blue to pirate king in 2 years is silly

On the other hand constantly updating character designs to show like multiple decades of time is a fucking wild ask for a creator