Do you think there is still a traitor?

Bakazuki Bakainu

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Would be surprised if this isn't a hint at something, it's such a weird contrast to his character. And why would Hori do such a dark piece on this specific side character (that's never been that relevant in the story or that popular)?

She drew a super rough sketch as well to give an idea on what it looks like:
Thats a great point, I really hope you're right about this. That sketch is very interesting and haunting wow...It makes me think of a certain Dr Strange villain I can't think the name of, something very eldritch/cosmic?

I genuinely wonder what this could mean, Aoyama is being manipulated by some unseen force/person? Something/something very evil?
Complety agreed! I heard Hori wanted to give Shoji his own arc but that was ages ago and I'm not sure if that's still going to happen alongside the traitor storyline too, it feels like they've been dropped or forgotten about? Or Hori just can't fit them in for some reason?
Yeah, I remember that interview as well. I wonder if he'll actually go through with it.

Anyway, if Aoyama is the traitor, I wonder what he'll actually end up doing. He doesn't seem like the type that wants to hurt his class mates.
I still say it's Toru. It's so suspicious that she talked about how strong Shoto was in the Landslide Zone, but Shoto froze everyone and thing around him, and there is no way she wouldn't have been effected by his powers, also was she nude? Because I'm sure Shoto would have noticed her clothes at least.
I think that Toru is pretty much always nude.


Toru would make sense, but I'm still hoping its Aoyama.

Hagakure has a good motivation, but she's not as fleshed out as Aoyama.