Questions & Mysteries Does BB have AdvCoC?

Does Neckbeard have Advanced Conqueror's Haki?

  • Yes, 3 DFs + AdvCoC = Top 1 (Erkek12 answer)

  • No, Toei just smoking crack as per usual (Cope answer)

  • Don't care, Rat Haired Skanks and Godfy still >>> (Extra cope answer)

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Every Yonko have ACoC

Having one of the "king" of the NW without ACoC has no sense

When even Yamato has it LMAO
Even though this is not a BB fan he can see the truth.

Law can imitate Emperors Haki by strugling like Scabbards imitate Oden. Doesn't change the fact Red lightning is usually ad.coc.