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What they locked the thread???

SHIT I shouldn't have tagged @Doggo
The guy's gonna clean up now I guess
That shit went on too long and needed shutting down tbh, i'm glad they did it. It was only gonna keep escalating. Would have preferred they just put a message in the thread to cease and desist and put out threadbans as necessary but this way works too and is easier/more effective to be fair.
Welp since we lost waiting room privileges :emohiyo:

@Admiral Maynard @Pot Goblin @Shimotsuki Ghostly @NikaInParis

New hang out :kidsmile:
RIP waiting room once again! Ironically due to TAC by the looks of it as he was the last post there but this time for the right reasons and intentionally too ofc!


I had to resist getting involved and pissed off too. Shit was toxic as hell and I was getting mad a certain someone who I won't name.

Gorosei Informer

There was an extremely toxic fight going on. About "racism and politics". I won't elaborate as I don't want to instigate more of that shit here too or drag it over here too or w/e.

A certain someone got extremely toxic towards multiple people and kept throwing hands and doubling down.