Powers & Abilities Haki or Hax? Please read the post to understand.

Haki or Hax

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If you woke up in One Piece and was presented the following options what would you pick?:

1. Any Devil Fruit of your choosing with a guaranteed awakening. You can still learn haki but there won’t be any guarantee that you get CoC. You also aren’t guaranteed to get any advanced versions of haki.

2. The pinnacle of all forms of haki. You can still get a devil fruit but it is at random. There also isn’t a guarantee that you awaken it. You also risk never finding a Devil fruit.

If the person above you chooses option 1 you decide if they get CoC and any advanced versions. If they choose option 2 you pick their devil fruit and if they awaken. Or you can say they don’t find a devil fruit. (You can make a devil fruit up).

I am going to pick option 2 (haki). Someone pick my devil fruit and if I awaken.
I pick option 2

also just. Suggestion add Supreme grade or great grade swords as well for option 2
No devil fruit because I know he is a zoro bro and doesnàt want it.

I will take Option 1, and I want Van Augur Wapu Wapu. Being this the real world, I think being able to teleport has much more uses than most fruits, maybe light and electricity are better but who cares, I just want to be able to visit my friends and family.
--It depends. Purely from combat perspective Haki is superior or is bound to be more superior but some DFs have far better usability.

--Also we still have not seen peak DF awakenings. Logia awakenings or gura awakening or Kaido's DF awakening for example.

--Imu most likely has one of the strongest if not the strongest DF bar Luffy's.

--In general I will chose a hax DF like Kuma's