Powers & Abilities Has Sanji used Hardening on panel against Queen? i can't find any panels help

If Oda didn't have Sanji state he was using Armament Haki in conjunction with his Exoskeleton to allow for more potent fire on his legs, would you be able to tell he was using it, considering he was wearing black pants?
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It could also be possible that Sanji isn't capable of imbuing Armament Haki to inanimate objects, such as his clothing, and therefore no matter what, we'd never be able to tell, because only his leg itself would turn black, and not his pants. (If he was wearing a different color)
Or just most straight forward answer:

Hes coating his CoA infused leg with fire which is his main power?
I wonder if he ever used armament against Vergo and we just didn't witness it cause his pants are black
the sounds coming out of clashing between them kinda suggested it with
yea and oda did highlight it here that it is armament.. tho you can't see invisible armament.. the only thing there to assume is its hardening