How Berserk should end

So with the passing of Miura I was thinking about Berserk and the future of the series. I don't know about you guys, but I need it to end. This story has been going on for so long and it is honestly one of the best works of art I've ever seen.

I know that nothing can ever replace Miura's work, but Berserk just can't end on a cliffhanger. At the same time I feel like Berserk wouldn't be Berserk if it was written or drawn by someone else. Which is why I propose that Berserk get more chapters written and drawn by other people, but that the series ends in the fantasia arc.

Basically, I just want 3-5 chapters to wrap things up and give us some closure. As much as I want it, we don't need to see Guts vs Griffith or the defeat of the Godhand or anything like that.

I personally think it should end something like this:

Guts realizes that since Casca is back, there's no real reason to kill Griffith. That Guts's hatred and darkness was the reason Casca was so afraid of him and that only by ridding himself of these qualities and giving up on his vengeance, can he possibly rebuild a relationship with Casca. He gives up the armor and decides to spend the rest of his life living on Elfhelm, protecting his friends and training Isidro. The moonlight boy takes a liking to Guts and Guts eventually comes to view him as his son. Farnese marries that guy. After enough time, Casca is finally able to face Guts again, who's hair has gone fully white by this point. Meanwhile in the outside world, griffith gains everything he wanted but realizes that none of it completes him. He goes on search for his only friend, Guts, but is never able to find him. Berserk ends with an old and dying Griffith washing up on the shores of Elfhelm, guts looks at him, and then walks away.