Future Events How many chapters will the Sphinx Island arc be long, if it is indeed the next arc?

I wish it will be very brief. I was looking through the length of past arcs. Oda can in fact make short ones. Loguetown and Reverse Mountain were only 5 chapters each. Whisky Peak was 9 chapters. WP was the arc that came before Little Garden, where the Strawhats met giants of Elbaf. SH probably go to Elbaf after Sphinx. Do you think it is possible that Sphinx will only take less than 10 chapters?
8 ch.
All of SH leave Zoro Alone.
Luffy: Marco let's see Ace grave
Marco: ok, WB too
Jimbei: me join too
Others: we want too

Zoro vs Weevil alone. Robin kidnap Bakin to see WB grave.
I still thinking there won't be elbaf arc it's sphinx lodestar and lt
But in sphinx will know where is the 4th poneglyph(Teach has it)more ace and wb lore weevil been the jack of the arc so around 15-20 chapters