Questions & Mysteries How would the raid be going if Kaido had killed the Scabbards instead of sparing them for no reason?

Inu wouldn’t be there to fight Jack
Neko wouldn’t be there to fight Perospero
Kawa and Izo wouldn’t be helping on the live floor
Raizo wouldn’t be there to fight Fukurojuku
Denjiro wouldn’t be able to do whatever he’s gonna do
Kiku and Kinemon wouldn’t be there to fight Kanjuro, and Kinemon wouldn’t be able to stall Kaido from reaching Momo, so Shinobu and Momo may not be able to escape.

As a result, Jack would also be there at the live floor, and Zoro and Sanji would be too busy to deal with him since they’re fighting King and Queen. Maybe Jinbe could fight Jack. There would be no Adult Momo, so it would just be Luffy, Yamato, and maybe Marco vs Kaido, and Luffy would also have to find a different way back to Onigashima. Perospero, Fukurokuju, and Kanjuro would be unoccupied, but maybe the other SHs would fight them, however they would be exhausted from their battles. Robin is too exhausted to fight. Franky only has enough cola left for one Radical Beam, and he can’t use the Shogun anymore. Nami, Usopp, and Brook are mostly fresh though. There would also be 4 more Numbers to deal with
Oda didn't want to kill his compatriots nor even off them for the rest of the war. This raid could've been far better and exciting if Oda chose to off then for the rest of the war (killing is asking too much from Oda).
I don't think Kaido spared them for no reason. He comes across as a suicidal masochist so he had his reasons for sparing them. That said it most definitely lowers the alliances chance of success.


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Heh it would not go easy.

I think one of the reasons why all these folks were spared by Oda was more for plot convenience than their realistic capability.

Just take Kin'emon for example, he tanked a Thunder Bagua like that which was utterly insanish.
Kaido spares everyone in favor of trying to break their spirits and forcing them to join his crew. So you can't really say he spared them for "no reason." In fact, him killing them would have been more out of character for him.