Break Week If you're Kidd what do you do from here?


Cope Doctor
If I were Kidd I would apologise to everyone who believed in him. I bet my own truther carrier for him... he made me into a joke... fuck you Kidd
Find Blackbeard and offer him your help against Redhair. Kid might find getting back at Shanks more important now than becoming Pirateking. Kuzan will betray Teach later, then Kid will fight Kuzan because Shanks will lose to BB.
Assuming you survive ofc
1. Take a boat to Beehive with what's left of your crew.

2. Meet Moria and share your devastating Experience, ask him for advice on how to get over it and not turn like him.

3. Wait for uncle Teach to be back from his expedition (cry it all out in the meantime).

4. Uncle Teach arrives with lots of chests. It turns out he sold Garp and Koby to Buggy for a total of 3,000,000,000 belly. He uses that money to buy you a better ship and equipment.

5. Uncle Teach proceeds to accept you in the New Rocks, and you shall accompany him in the quest to hunt the Red Rat. Teach covers Killer in a black cloth, then proceeds to take the SMILE from him without killing him, by immediately replacing it with another overpowered DF.

6. With the newly acquired Iron Giant from Egghead under BBP's control, Kid and Killer accompany the New Rocks into an assault on Elbaf. The Iron Giant obliterates every single giant. Shanks arrives for help but gets quaked into oblivion.

7. Loki is happy to see that Shanks no longer has any influence on Elbaf, and that the island is now entirely his to rule. For that, he declares New Rocks heroes and gives them the 4th Road Poneglyph as a gift, also orders the immediate reconstruction of Victoria Punk using Adam wood.

8. The crew celebrates before setting off to Laugh Tale together.

As the crew is getting close, Teach and Kid are having a conversation.

Teach: Zehahahaha! What did I tell you? A man's dream never ends!

Kid: I suppose you're right uncle Teach, I'm eternally grateful for you being what Jinbe was to Luffy after Marineford. Now let's get that treasure and continue on to Mary Geoise.

Teach: That's the spirit! Oi Aokiji give me a bottle of rum, Burgess increase our speed, Laffitte make sure we're on the correct route. LET'S SAIL.

The crew takes down the WG using ancient weapons and enslave the world, Happy End.