Break Week Is shichibukai created solely to stop Mihawk from rampaging?


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no because crocodile became a warlord in his early 20s, crocodile was 22 at rogers execution

so unless mihawk gave up his dreams of becoming pirate king in 2 years(would be mad embarrassing), no it was not made for him
I think Warlord System was to Stop emergence of New Emperors
That's why They send a Buster Call or Admiral immediately in case a Warlord loses his Title

So these Warlords are helping them stop Golden Age of Piracy & Crush New Pirates, but at same time, it's to not let them create Yonko-Like Empires, that's why it's not allowed for a Warlord to create Alliances or create Large Organizations like Baroque Works (Which Operated in entire World)

First Warlords were Mihawk, Crocodile & Moria, and i'm gonna assume Shanks was Invited too but He refused
Moria was considered by People to be a Rival of Kaidou, Crocodile was probably Most Famous Supernova of his Time, and Mihawk was already a Legendary Swordsman, alongside Shanks

Hancock & Jinbe were also Recruited to keep Kuja & Fishmen from becoming a Bigger Pirate Empire (Imagine if Jinbe was like Hody & was able to recruit the entire Island, They could have invaded hundreds of Islands), and also look at Blackbeard & Buggy who indeed became Emperors, and Weevil who is WB's Son, also Ace who was Roger's Son & was too strong for a Rookie ... etc

So you could say that one of reasons Warlord System was created is to Stop all of them from Rampaging, cuz They represent "Yonko Candidates", even their Bounties demonstrate that, Hancock for example was given 1.6B and Crocodile 1.9B, which are Greater than 1.5B that was deemed fitting for Yonko Candidate Luffy

However, their Bounties also indicates that Mihawk was considered the Biggest Problem among Warlords, hence his very High Bounty, even compared to New Emperors, if Mihawk refused Warlord Title & instead started a Crew like Shanks did & operated in New World for Years, He would have easily reached WB's Level of Influence & Surpassed Kaidou's Bounty
If that was the case then why would they just send fodder Marines after his ass when they dissolved the Shichibukai:vistalaugh:

The Shichibukai were created so that the Marines can counterbalance the Yonko
No, unless the warlord system predates the Great Pirate Era, which I doubt, Croc was the first warlord who was given the title at least 22 years ago (the start of the great pirate era)
We never heard any previous shichibukai outside of the original 7 even though pirates have been roaming for a long time. We also know that mihawk used to be a marine hunter. Does that mean the world government create a new power system just to stop the world strongest swordsman? :endthis:
True, only fodder Marines needed to make Mihawk leave his Baboon Training facility but lets act like they created Warlords only to ''stop'' Mihawk who joined Crocodile out of desperation vs Fodder Marines attacking his home.

WB pirates were so desperate to stop Mihawk they attacked him as a group not like Marco send Vista alone to ''stop'' him.

Mihawks "rampage" couldn't even kill preskip luffy. Even after Mihawk himself made a personal promise not to hold back. And this was an exhausted post impel down luffy.

Was luffy even in gear 2nd when he was effortlessly dodging yoru? I forget.
The world government doesn't give a fuck about marine hunting now with Cross guild. What makes you think they'd create the warlords to stop Mihawk from killing fodder insects they don't care about outside agenda?