Turbo game Knight Errant Turbo

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Ghost Princess
forget that lol
shes supposed to be subbed in
and that was her first comment
How well do you know each other
not much, can count the number of games we played together in 1 hand, maybe?
maybe more dont quote me on it
but she spectates lots of the games so ye
stop subtweeting me wtf

what even is your accusation? I played a couple of games with ekko and you're lynching me?
Ekko: nana>Blue> Nana>udell
udell : Nana
Nana: Blue >Udell
Pot: Blue
Ratchet : Zolo>udell > Kiwi
Blue: Nana
solis : Udell

Udell - 3
Nana - 2
Kiwi/Blue - 1

@Udell a Vanilla Townie has been lynched.

Thanks for the game mate!

N2 begins you have 10 minutes to submit your actions if any.

Please stop posting.
5 townies left
2 scums left

We need to focus harder

Everyone make a guess who u think is the 2 mafia scums

And the one who gets most votes, gets yeeted.

After seeing Udell flip i am convinced Blue is mafia, the other one could be Zolo
Not open for further replies.