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Pepebusi Spammer
see this is my another reason, because so many magic empower items.
thats a sign there will be strong Characters in the future who dont rely so much with their magic or even dont have magic power which is based on their physical strength..


Pepebusi Spammer
Actually, the only difference between Licht and Asta holding these swords is that Asta can touch you and stop your magic capabilities.
AMD is in Asta's grimoire, not his swords.

Asta is not even close to Licht's mastery over these swords yet.
ah that leads to my assumptions next, we might have "Land of Wano" in Black Clover.
thats why only Yami use katana/sword among the Captains.


Pepebusi Spammer
Most likely. This will be such a cool shift in the story.
I assume that Yami's homeland Magic Knight equivalents will be very proficient in Magic Items usage or just infusing their magic in objects.

Is it safe to assume that Yami is the only Captain who knows Ki? ( Maybe Mereoleona too but I'd doubt if she knows that it is called Ki she might found this in her own ways and call it differently ).
again, i think sooner we will realize "Magic" isnt end all be all in Black Clover.
we still need to see other than "Magic Power" itself, Physical fighter who rely on punch/kicks etc, and especially with Sword ability.

because if Black Clover only use "Magic" as their power standard, this will be boring.


Pepebusi Spammer
I have so much problems when it comes to Vs. fights using Yami as one of the participants.

I always wonder how he would fare against the likes of Nozel, Mereo and Fuego if they managed to break his katana.
Yami able to use Mana Zone, but he always infuse his Yami magic to his katana.
Which is im believe, Yami without Katana will be more powerful.