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Title: Bandit Leader Ashura Doji

- Red Scabbards welcome back Oden
- Ashura cuts Oden because he doesn't believe he's real. There's no blood.
- It's revealed that "Oden" was a painting of Kanjuro
- Orochi is alive
- Kaido and Big Mom vs 5 Supernova
- We see Hybrid Kaido
- Supernova want to split up the Yonko
- Kid: "If the two are side by side, this is only hell!"


Symbol of Despair
- Chapter 1.008: "Leader of the Bandits of Atamayama, Ashura Douji".
- Oden says that he has reached the future thanks to Toki's powers.
- Ashura Douji does not believe him and gives him a cut, Oden does not bleed.
- He is revealed to be a fake Oden created by Kanjuuro's powers.
- A bomb explodes affecting the fake Oden and Ashura.
- Orochi is alive.
- There is a scene with Yamato and Momonosuke.
- Kaidou in hybrid form and Big Mom Vs. Worst Generation.

Law: We must remove one of them.

Zoro: I agree.

Kid: Having the two of them side by side, is like being in hell.

Luffy: I've already been in the hell many times!!
More information from redon in Arlong Park Forums.

One Piece will have Jump cover and lead color pages (Color Spread in chapter 1,009) in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #18/2021 (on sale 5th April).
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Full Weekly Shonen Jump #17/2021 ToC, thanks to YonkouProductions.

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The Soul King

Source: 5ch
Confirmed to be a kanjuro drawing
remote controlled
there was bomb wrapped around the drawing
ashura jumps in front and it explodes and they fall together

so thats why oden was wearing long clothes
From Redon:

- It is confirmed that Oden is a drawing created by Kanjuuro.
-Kanjuuro controls the false Oden from a distance ( Redon saying: I confirm that he is not even close to the scene).
-The fake Oden has a bomb tied to his body
- When the bomb is about to explode, Ashura jumps with the false Oden through a window, they fall to a lower area and explode together.
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Q: アシュラは爆発に巻き込まれてモモのところにいく赤鞘チームからは離脱してるのか?
A (Leaker): シルエットぽい感じになってるけど

Q: カイドウの人獣形態どんな感じ?
A (Leaker): 人型に龍のうろこがついてるだけみたいな

Source: 5ch
Q: アシュラは爆発に巻き込まれてモモのところにいく赤鞘チームからは離脱してるのか?

A (Leaker): シルエットぽい感じになってるけど

Source: 5ch
very rough translation
Q: Is Ashura leaving the Red Sheath team who is caught up in the explosion and goes to Momo?

A (Leaker): It looks like a silhouette
I feel like I'm falling down with shreds
Kanjurou appears there
Jack came where he was heading


I'm Vengeance
from Redon in ArlongPark Forums and thanks to 5ch and @Arara

- They ask if Ashura can go with the Red Scabbards to help Momonosuke, the leaker says that after the explosion his silhouette is seen and that he seems very damaged.
- Kanjuro appears in the chapter.
- Jack arrives where the Red Scabbards are after the explosion.
- They also ask him what the hybrid form of Kaidou is like, the leaker says that it is very similar to his human form but with scales, and that his face is like the one in the drawing of the Korean leaker.
Leaker :
From : 5ch


I'm Vengeance
From Redon in ArlongPark Forum and thanks to 5ch and @Rorono zoro

- They ask if we see more of the battle of the roof of Onigashima.
- The Japanese filter says that it is not drawn but that it is intuited that they continue to fight.
- Luffy attacks hastily but is rejected again and again.
- Kaidou and Big Mom come out at the end and the conversation is the one published yesterday by the Korean leaker.
- The last page is the Kaidou that we already saw drawn yesterday.
Q: さんおる?

A (Leaker): 1pくらいで



モモの助<ルフィーはだいぶ弱ってきてはおる しかしなぜか元気だ
しのぶ<よかった え?どうしてわかるんですか?モモの助さま


Source: 5ch
More from 5ch, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums for translation.

Q: さんおる?

A (Leaker): 1pくらいで



モモの助<ルフィーはだいぶ弱ってきてはおる しかしなぜか元気だ
しのぶ<よかった え?どうしてわかるんですか?モモの助さま

- Someone asks about Yamato and Momonosuke's part.
- The Japanese leaker says it is 1 page of the chapter.
- It seems Momonosuke can control his transformation much better.
- Yamato wonders if Luffy is OK and says that he wants to fight Kaidou as Oden.
- Momonosuke says that Luffy is weakened but that he is fine.
- Shinobu is surprised to hear him and asks how he knows that.
Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,008: "Head of Atamayama Theives, Ashura Douji".

In the cover, Robin creates wings for a horse that wants to fly.

Chapter starts and the same point from last one. Oden says he came from the past with Toki's power. He's here to help them defeat Kaidou. He then asks the Red Scabbards to go with him. The Red Scabbards are in tears and they are about to follow Oden.

But Ashura stops them saying this must be a fake Oden. Raizou agrees, asking everyone to remember Toki's word ("People cannot go back to the past"). Raizou adds Oden died on that day and the fact will never change.

As they talk, Oden approaches Kinemon from behind with a blade in his hand. Ashura tells Kinemon to wake up already. He then punches Kinemon out of the way and take Oden's blade instead. Ashura slices Oden's cheek but there's no blood. It's revealed that this Oden is a Kanjuurou's painting.

Ashura: "I understand.
I want this to be the real Oden-sama.
We all do."

Kiku: "Sorry, I couldn't kill Kanjuurou."

Ashura: "Don't worry.
When it's against one of our own nakama, the blade won't be as sharp."

Denjiro fights fake Oden and the other Red Scabbards try to find Kanjuurou. But fake Oden (Kanjuurou) says it's no use. Kanjuurou is controlling this painting from far away which is causing him lose a lot of energy. Thanks to Bao Huang information, he's now heading to kill Momonosuke.

Fake Oden then lights a bomb attached to his chest in order to blow the Red Scabbards up along with himself. Ashura notices it and order everyone to go help Momonosuke. He then jumps at fake Oden, both of them fall off the window together. Then the bomb explodes, Ashura is burned badly and he doesn't move.

The Red Scabbards exit the room and find Jack blocking their path. Jack was delayed by the Minks that tried to protect their king. Inuarashi asks everyone to go, he will face Jack alone.

Jack: "You know there's no full moon in here..."

Inuarashi: "There's no poison gas either!!"

Cut to another part of the castle that is on fire. The one who is setting fire is Orochi. He's alive and running around the castle, setting fire to burn Onigashima all down along with all Kaidou's forces. Fukurokuju is with him, he's using a shuriken to silence Kaidou's men who happen to see Orochi.

Cut to Yamato group. Momonosuke explains that when he's shocked or sad sometimes he suddenly turns into a dragon, but he can control it much better now. Momonosuke wishes he can turn into a monster like Kaidou so he can be more useful to everyone.

Yamato: "I wonder if Luffy is alright...
I want to go and help him to defeat Kaidou as "Kouzuki Oden"!!"

Momonosuke: "Luffy is weakened but he's still fine!!"

Shinobu: "Uh!?
How do you know that, Momonosuke-sama!!?"

Cut to Onigashima rooftop. Luffy tries to attack Kaidou again and again but he is thrown away every time he attacks. Luffy wants to keep attacking, saying his attacks must work eventually because Kaidou is a human just like them. Zoro warns him that they should think of another way. Killer comments how he's surprised that Luffy can still call Kaidou "human".

Law: "Somehow, we need get one of them away from the battle first."

Zoro: "I agree."

Kid: "Seeing both of them side by side like this... this is just like hell!!"

In an amazing final spread, we see Kaidou in hybrid form standing side by side with Big Mom.
Kaidou's hybrid form looks like his human form but with scales on his shoulders, arms, legs, and face. He also has a tail, fangs and additional horns.

Luffy: "I've been through hell many times!!
This is nothing to me!!!"

Kaidou: "Strawhat!!
No matter what, your "eyes" are always alive!!"

End of chapter. No break next week.
For some context from the previous post, in Kaidos last dialogue, he states,
"your "eyes" are always alive!!"
In japanese that would be something like
This is a common phrase used and the better nuanced translation would be that his spirit has not died yet.
As "eyes" symbolize the will/spirit of a person in japanese.
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