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Spoilers, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Little Spoiler, more details in next hours ;)

- Chapter 1,042: “"Winners" need no excuse”.
- In the cover, Oven is carrying Vinsmoke's book to Whole Cake Island.
- X Drake Vs. CP0 boss. Drake stabs CP0 boss, that turns and hits Drake's throat with “Shigan”.
- The rest is Luffy Vs. Kaidou. We can see 3 new Kaidou's “Drunk modes”.
- Luffy changes to “Boundman” form and uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Over Kong Gun”. Kaidou uses a new attack too called “Hourai Hakke”.
- At the end of the chapter, CP0 boss appears and Luffy got distracted. Kaidou brutally hits Luffy.
- Kaidou is completely shocked, his expression is heartbreaking when he sees that the same thing that happened with Oden has happened again.
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第1042話 「枕詞(まくらことば)は"勝者"にゃつかねェ」
扉絵 サンジではなくヴィンスモークって書いてある ニジとヨンジの事
甘え上戸 盗人上戸 咥えられたまま熱息をくらって地上へ叩きつけられるが

Source: 5ch
Kaidou's new 3 modes: 1- spoiled mode(like a spoiled brat i guess) 2- idk(but from what i found it's a person who likes alcohol and sweets equally, it could be thief mode too but i doubt it since it makes no sense) and 3- Slaughter mode

Luffy was going to lose the gear 4th so he used a second over kong gun, Kaidou says hourai and goes to attack him but the cp0 intervenes using tekkai(we don't know if cp0 used tekkai as an attack against luffy or used it to defend against Luffy's attack, someone asked the leaker in 5ch so maybe we will get the answer soon).
Kaidou remembers the moment when Oden got distracted and Luffy completely eats Kaidou's attack

I skipped what the leaker is talking about after he says the first 2 modes because without context i don't understand what is he talking about. He even said that about the tekkai but didn't say how is it used against Luffy there are a few descriptions pretty vague.

Oh and the title is Kaidou's line this chapter
From 5ch:

Q: カイドウはルフィがCP0に気を取られてる事を分かってて攻撃をやめなかったの?
A: 出しかけてて止められない

Q: 指銃じゃなくて鉄塊なのか
A: 文字で書いてある

Leaker: CP0は背後から鉄塊してきたから
Q: Kaidou knowing that Luffy was distracted by the CP0 attacked? I want to know the details from the flashback to the attack to Luffy.

A: He started running and couldn't stop himself.

Q: Not a shigan but a tekkai?
A: Just as it's written

Leaker: The CP0 used tekkai from behind, it's not like he was hit by Luffy's attack.
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CP0が割り込んできて鉄塊と言いながらルシーの右腕をつかむ がしっ


Leaker: Cp0 intervenes, say tekkai and grabs Luffy's right arm. Luffy says "eh?" and eats Kaidou's attack. Is this easier to understand, master?

Me: Yes, you could have said that from the very beginning
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From 5ch:

Q: 質問



A: ページの真ん中あたり
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Q: ありがとう


A: 画的には「ぐはっ」て感じで顔は書かれてない
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Q: CP0はよくやったよ

A: 冒頭でドレイクに刺されてるから
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Q: When does Kaidou says the title?

A: At the middle of a page(yes, he says page but he doesn't say what page, maybe he wanted to say chapter and said page instead? idk)
Kaidou tells Luffy that Wano Kuni's people are used to lose. Luffy tells him to shut up and that they are strong. Kaidou wonders if they are strong or just pretending to be strong and then says the title asking him which one is he.

BTW the title is not "winners need no excuse" but it has a different translation but the meaning is a pain in the ass to explain since it use something that is used in japanese poems from what i just researched, the title would "literally" be "I can't put pillow words to 'winner'", but this pillow words thing is... To be honest just to make it more simple i think the title of "winners need no excuse" is completely fine so if anyone is confused, just don't mind and call it as that.


Q: About Luffy's damage

A: From panels we don't see Luffy's face, just him saying "Kugh"


Q: Good job CP0, let him go back alive

A: He was stabbed in the beginning by Drake so...
From 5ch:

Q: ん?割り込んで来るくらいには元気なんでしょ?(Referring to the last answer)

A: スマン
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Q: バレだとドレークはCP0に喉を指銃で突き刺されたらしいけどその後どうなってます?

A: 後ろに倒れそうになってる画だけ

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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Chapter 1,042: “"Winners" need no excuse”.

Germa 66's Ahh… Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 6: “Niji and Yonji to Whole Cake Island”. In the cover, Oven is carrying the Vinsmoke's book on his shoulders. He's going to leave Cocoa Island towards Whole Cake Island through a mirror (Brûlée is next to it). As he leaves, Oven looks confused at Pudding (who is still in Chocolate Town).

Chapter starts on the 1st floor of Onigashima castle's basement. X Drake (in hybrid form) has stabed CP0 boss from the back with his sword. CP0 boss spits blood out of his mouth.

CP0 boss: "Tell me why you did it... Drake.

X Drake: "Hah. Hah...
This is... my justice...!!"

CP0 boss: "I envy you..."

Suddenly, CP0 boss moves at high speed and disentangles himself from X Drake's sword. He then attacks X Drake using “Shigan”, stabing his finger into X Drake's throat.

Cut to the “Flower Capital”, people are finishing the preparations for the sky boats. Toko already has ready her ship.

Toco: "Oh!
Fly~~~~!! I hope my wish reachs heavens!!"

Cut to Onigashima castle's roof. Luffy keeps hitting Kaidou with high-speed punches. Kaidou manages to stop one of them with his kanabo, but immediately after that he receives 3 more punches without being able to stop them.

Luffy: "Zeh.

Kaidou: "The trajectory of this attack is curved...!?
It hurts...!!!
Considering the nature of gum, this kind of move should be impossible...!!"

Despite Luffy's attacks, Kaidou looks at him confidently.

Luffy: "Ohhhhhhh!!!"

Kaidou: "Stop!! Hey~~~!! It hurts~~~~~~...

Kaidou enters in “Amae Jougo” mode (Craving Love Drunk mode). As Luffy punches him in the face, Kaidou winks at him and touches his lip making a “sexy face”. Luffy gets very angry.

Luffy: "He's still drunk!!!"

Kaidou: "Wi~~~~~~
Don't you think you're the only one
who can see the “future”!!!"

Suddenly, Kaidou moves at high speed and manages to escape from Luffy's punches.

Kaidou: "Heh...
Let me imitate you...!!

We see Kaidou has changed to dragon form and he's moving his body just like Luffy moves his arms when he uses Gear 4 (he can change his direction at will and very quickly). Kaidou enters in “Nusubito Jougo” mode (Stealing Drunk mode). Then he bites Luffy very hard.

Luffy: "Ah!
It huuuuurts!!!"

Kaidou puts Luffy into his mouth and flies up, away from Onigashima.

Luffy: "Uohhhh"

Kaidou: "Wi~~~~~~!!!"

Luffy punches Kaidou inside of his mouth to try Kaidou releases him.

Luffy: "He ate me!!!
Let me go!!!"

After flying up a bit, Kaidou stops and looks down at Onigashima. He then opens his mouth and shoots a “Bolo Breath” point-blank to Luffy, who can't dodge it. The attack hits Onigashima and pierces through the entire island and the castle. We see how “Bolo Breath” goes through the Live Floor and goes between Yamato and Momonosuke at the bottom of the island.

“Bolo Breath” swept along Luffy through the entire Onigashima but he finally escapes from it when Kaidou's beam pierces all the island. Luffy changes into “Boundman” form and flies back where Kaidou is.

Luffy: "Damn you!!"

Kaidou: "Wororo...
You've come back."

Luffy: "How many minutes I have left...!?
This is the last “Gear Fourth”!!
And I won't have any more time!!
I cannot lose!!"

Kaidou tries to bite Luffy again, but he dodges him and flies over Kaidou.

Kaidou: "Wi~~~ Your condition is more severe than expected."

Luffy talks to Kaidou as he prepares the next attack.

Luffy: "As long as you're here, people of “Wanokuni” won't be able to drink even water!!
Hah, hah…
“Gomu Gomu no”!!"

Kaidou: "Wororo!!
I don't care whose side you are on...!!
People of “Wanokuni” are comfortable with losing.
This country is full of “peace-loving weaklings”!! And “honorable deaths”!!
But all of them are just “losers” trying to find excuses for their failure!!!"

Luffy: "Shut your mouth!!!
Samurais are strong!!!"

Kaidou: "Strong!? Or just pretending to be strong!? “Winners” need no excuse!!
Which one are you!!?"

While they talk, Kaidou prepares another “Bolo Breath”, but Luffy attacks first.

Luffy: "“Over Kong Gun” (Supreme Monkey King Gun - 覇猿王銃 (オーバー コング ガ ン))!!!!"

Luffy hits Kaidou's jaw with a powerful punch. Kaidou's “Bolo Breath” explodes in his own mouth. After the attack Kaidou falls to the ground, Luffy runs towards Kaidou to attack him again.

Luffy: "Not yet!! Hah...
I must continue as long as I can use “Gear Fourth”!!"

Suddenly, while Luffy prepares his next attack, Kaidou (in hybrid form) attacks him at full speed. Luffy is surprised.

Kaidou : "“Hourai Hakke” (Thunder Cannon Bagua - 咆雷八卦 (ほうらい はっけ))!!!!"

Kaidou blows Luffy with an upgraded version of “Raimei Hakke”. Luffy falls to the ground with his eyes blank and begins to expel steam from his mouth. However, Luffy covers his mouth preventing “Gear Fourth” is disabled.

Kaidou looks at Luffy, his eyes are spiral shaped. Kaidou enters in “Satsuriku Jougo” mode (Killing Spree Drunk mode). Luffy gets up and prepares to attack again, Kaidou also prepares to face him.

Luffy: "...!!
One more attack...!!
If he isn't down with this one, then I will be the one who lose...!!!
“Gomu Gomu no~~~”!!"

Kaidou: "Huh, huh...
Come here, brat!!!

Suddenly, we see that CP0 boss is running to the area where they are fighting. CP0 boss jumps and grabs the shoulder of Luffy's arm with which he is about to attack Kaidou.

Luffy: "“Over”...!!

CP0 boss: "“Tekkai”"

Kaidou: "“CP0”!!?"

Kaidou is shocked and upset for CP0 boss' appearance, but he can't stop. In that moment, Kaidou remembers when he hit Oden 20 years ago (these memories are from Kaidou's point of view). Oden and Luffy faces are practically the same.

In an AMAZING final double page (for me, one of the best in all One Piece) Kaidou brutally hits Luffy with his kanabo using Color of the Supreme King Haki. “Hourai Hakke” hits Luffy's body directly (Kaidou's kanabo hits Luffy's body like a mallet). Luffy can't defend himself thanks to CP0 boss distraction. CP0 boss manages to move away just in time, so the blow did not hit him.

Kaidou's expression after hitting Luffy is heartbreaking, he is completely shocked. Luffy is badly injured and bleeding a lot. Chapter ends with this sentence from series' editor.

“Emotions are mixed...”

End of the chapter.

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