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Chapter 1086 Five Elders
-The rest of the Five Elders’ names are revealed and they each have a title of warrior god:
Saturn is warrior god of scientific defense
Warrior God of Agriculture Saint Shepherd Ju Peter(blonde one)
Warrior God of Finance Saint Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro(Bald guy with glasses)
Warrior God of Legal Affairs Saint Topman Valkyrie (big mustache guy)
Warrior God of Environment Saint Marcus Mars
-Lulusia is to be destroyed using a weapon made by Vegapunk
-there was a Saint Imu from the Nerona family among the first 20
-Mjosgard is sentenced to death by the Holy Knights, we see their leader too, from the Figarland family.

*Ju Peter- Jupiter
V. Nasu-Venus
man (val)kyrie-Mercury
Redon added:

You will thank me if you read the chapter without my summary

P.s please value my summary and hints it's the only thing I live for.

All Redon said is:

"Yes, I forgot to clarify it in the first message (now I add it).

The Spoilers of chapter 1,087 we will have them between Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 of July (and that week I will do my summary, as always). And the scanllations will release the chapter on Wednesday, July 12 more or less.

When you read the chapter directly without having read a full summary, you will thank me for it"

He didn't say anything about the summary and the hints being the only thing he lives for.

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- Seraphim Doflamingo in the chapter

(this got retweeted by Vega)
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- Marshall D. Teach is in the chapterand has something important to do with him!!

- The Gorosei are talking about some of the 20 families, including Nerona, Vigarland, and Donquixote.

- Morgans is the the last page in the chapter and he appears doing something that shakes the whole world (narrator's words)

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Regarding Marshall D. Teach's information, it does not concern him directly, but rather talks about the famous theory that says that someone possesses a legendary Zoan type devil fruit, which is a Cerberus animal, which allows them to transform into a 3-headed dog and thus has 3 bodies capable of accommodating 3 Devil Fruits, as shown in This chapter stated that this Devil Fruit was possessed by someone else.
First of all this is Fake so remove please

- Figerland is the leader of the holy knights he is old man and strong his name is Garling

- Ivankov thinks Imu have immortality because of Law's fruit (old user) the ope ope no mi -

- We have Moria , Doffy , Croco seraphim

- Dragon couldn't believe that Vegapunk invented such kind of a weapon (the one that destroyed Lulusia) and this is the first time the weapon has been used or something like that

confirmed by Scotchinformer
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