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The "very powerful person" is Kizaru of course.

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On the cover Kuro is reading a book with cats.
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The next 2 weeks there will be no chapter (these spoilers should have been released later, but brought forward).
Spoilers for chapter 1091 will be released between Monday, August 28 (at the earliest) and Wednesday, August 30 (at the latest).
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More spoilers:
Saturn asks kizaru if he can with his light speed get inside the dome
Kizaru: yes but the man who protects the dome outside is my friend
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More spoilers:
Kizaru told saturn if he attacks sentomaro, Sentomaro will order all the sea beasts and seraphim and the pacifista to destroy out ship
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More spoilers:
Saturn said we need to protect three things
1-Punk’s records
3-power plant that creates the mother flame
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More spoilers:
-Real Vegapunk said they can escape by using Vegaforce because its already next to sunny

-Real Vegapunk is trying to break the password that was set by york
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More spoilers:
Luffy bonney franky and punk 02 arrived to the ship and vegaforce next to it
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It turns out that Robin and Kaku are injured, Kaku from injury lying on his back and Lucci told him to rest

As for Robin, Chopper treats her and she thanks Chopper

Vivi and Wapol are behind Morgans Also, listen to the call that took place between Luffy and the Gorosei, they all heard Luffy saying that he will become the King of Pirates

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Luffy talks to the Gorosei to negotiate.

He tells them to leave with all the ships if they want York to live

Then the Gorosei asks him about something. Luffy answers them truthfully, then Robin gets angry and hangs up.

Robin scolds Luffy for giving out information so easily. Robin says it's a negotiation, but your act is stupid. Luffy thinks it worked, but Usopp calls him a fool.

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We ge an explenation of how the bubble sheild works ,
it nullifies the abilities of devil fruits users ,
it has the same abilities as sea stone . but it's not made out of sea stone
its the same bubble as the pacifista mark 3 use
they also have a bubble weapon
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Luffy thinks hancock seraphim is Hancock

Luffy : hey Hancock, Please dont use your abilities on my comrades!"

Seraphim hancock blushes and says okay
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More spoilers:
Lucci was staring at stussy and when she noticed it she told him to stop
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More spoilers:
-The navy start attacking as kizaru attacks and ordered not to attack pacifista because the bullets wont affect them just attack the sea beasts

-who uses cp (six styles) techniques will land at the island as the attack start

-all cp agents ordered to attack too

-when luffy was talking to the gorosi, Jupeter heard Robin voice in the background
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Page 1 :
> Luffy :
Hello ! My name is Monkey D luffy and I'm the man who will become the pirate King .

> Someone :
Luffy what are you doing ?

> Luffy :
we are allies with Dr vegapunk , if you want York to live make all of your ships retreat from Egghead .

> York :
Wahhhhh ! Please Help me .

> Kizaru :

> Marine Soldiers :
what a crazy meanness these bastards have , they embody the evilness as it is said about them .

> Morgans :
what ?! what am i hearing ? what's happening there !!

> Vivi :
what ? Luffy san !!

> Gorosei :
You are Straw Hat Luffy , isn't it ? who are the persons who are still alive with you on the floor ?

> Luffy :
If we count the injured ones , The number should be .......

> Robin :
Luffy , Stop !!

> Jupiter :
a woman's Voice , probably Robin .

> Robin :
Talking to them gives them informations about our current state , they should simply not know anything about us .

> Luffy :
Sorry , You are right ; But all their fleet will retreat immediately .

> Usopp :
In ur dreams you idiot , Don't underestimate the Navy .

> Saturn :
We have three main things to protect :
Firstly we need to protect York , Secondly the safety of the Punk's Records that form his brain .... Thirdly the safety of the power plant that creates the mother flame !! we can risk any Loss except these three things .
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