One Piece Chapter 1113: "Stalemate"

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Changing Sanji's dialogue shows that you find it weird.
Love can have very different meanings , we don't know Sanji's intentions.
Even if Sanji's intentions are weird , you have to accept the weirdness.

You are just being hypocrite.
i knew they would change it to protect sanji:kobeha:


Admit already that @AverageNamiEnjoyer is the best theorist on this site. And it's not because they love Nami. They really know the plot and lore very well, and their thinking is well developed. Obviously, they are embarrassed by their big mind and from time to time deceive everyone, trying to look cringe.
ANE never needed to deceive anyone to be cringe
All that and Nusjuro is doing the same damage to base Sanji as Momo to Kaido with scales:risitasad:

Thank God Sanji did not have his exoskeleton active otherwise Venus would've broken his teeth against Sanji for the 2nd time:risitasad:
Thank God , Giants saved Sanji from Nusjuro who was breaking the fella's bones as he was chomping him hard that the fella is screaming from damage :risitasad:
Are people aware that Sanji intercepted the same attack that FRANKY reacted to? Putting himself in front of Nusjuro before he could target Bonney?

Says all of how little effort was Nusjuro putting in that, as he should be able to run circles around Franky (blitzed all the Pacifista on the island and reached Bonney before Sanji could run a much shorter distance, and while Sanji was carrying Vegapunk, Nusjuro was cutting the Pacifista)

Congratulations for Sanjino to sneak attack a playing around Nusjuro and still needing to be saved from the others