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by AP jamjamstyle
I need more context for the part down below

Denjiro: I understand that it was Oden-sama's announcement but
Denjiro: It's different, that was...!!

Kinnemon?: Kin-san?
Denjiro: (Talks about the piglet incident)
Kinnemon: Eh
Kinnemon: There is only person who knows that is
Kinnemon flashback: This is bad, it's all my fault!!
Kinnemon: Are you... Denjirou!?
Scabbards: Eh!?

Denjirou: Indeed!!
Denjirou: If you guessed it wrong... I would have revealed myself immediately but I wanted to see if you could have done so on the slight chance...!!

Momonosuke: Denjirou-!?
Kiku: Denjirou
Denjirou: If my identity was revealed, Orochi would've erased me
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Kyoushiro: At the time it was understood/concluded that it was simply master Oden acting rashly but that's not the case. In actuality it was an incident that was started/caused by you who was young and greedy at the time.
Kinemon: Kin-san?
Kinemon: Huh?! There's only one person that could possibly know that!!!
*Flashback* -> Kinemon: This is bad! Because of me the capital will be...!!!
Kinemon: You...!!! Are you Denjiro by any chance?
Scabbards: Huh?!!!
Kyoushiro: That is correct!!! I'm sure you mistook me for someone else....
Denjiro: I wanted to reveal my identity to you guys as soon as I could but I thought of the worst case scenario and continued to stay/exist as the enemy.
Momonosuke: Denjiro?!
Denjiro: Just as I thought, if I revealed myself at the time, my identity would have been revealed to the spy/informant and I would've be disposed by Orochi.

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Denjiro:—but Kin-san, you’re indeed a smart man!! Lord Yasuie’s drawing is telling us to put 2 lines on the belly of the viper that represents Habu Port. These 2 lines means to erase the belly of the viper, in order words, “erase the words”!!
You told everyone just the part about the “two lines” because anyone who heard would’ve known that it means to erase the words in the middle of “ha bu mi na to”(Habu Port), which leaves us with hato(seawall).
—But, noticing that Orochi’s spy is near by, you purposely told those who are close the wrong answer: Tokage Port!!
And the spy would just pass that information on to Orochi!!
Kanjuro: Huh?!!

Denjiro: Kin-san!! As expected of our leader!! As I thought, you’re a man worthy of respect!!
Kin’emon: ......yeah
Kanjuro: (This is bad!! I didn’t stop anything!! Damn you Kin’emon!!)
Kin’emon: (so you’re supposed to read it as Hato[seawall], not Tokage!!!)
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Chopper: where are the 3500 men from Prisoner Mine?!
Shishilian: they are not here
Sanji: 200 men from Yakuza of different regions
Franky: There’re 200 men from Inuarashi Musketeer Squad and 200 men from Atama mountain bandits at Itachi Port!!
Usopp: The dozens of ships we fixed with them should have came as well!!
Zoro: And we took an immense amount of weapons enough for everyone to use from Ringo
Nami: did something happened—?!
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Beast Pirates: Gyaaa~!!!!!
Kyoushiro's underlings: Boss, what are you doing!!!
Kyoushiro: Please humbly allow my Kyoushiro family of 200 to aid you all on you raid.

Kyoushiro: The military force of 4200 men that you gathered concealed themselves at Habu's port seawall which has the splendid view of Master Yasuie's beloved autumn flower groove, waiting for this moment.
Kiku: So then...everyone's safe!

Kyoushiro: Adding on our force of 1,200, we have a total of 5,400 men!!!
Kyoushiro: Well then everyone, now's the time!! Let's march on to Onigashima~!!!
???: All the allies that we gathered don't seem to be here.
Luffy: Kin! this is a bit different from what I heard, but for the time being it'd be okay if I destroyed that battleship right?!
Franky: Honestly, not sure who the idiots who attacked the sunny were, but they were pretty naive to think they could destroy it with bombs of that calibre!!!
Franky: This ship was made with the treasured Adam wood, and it is a ship that will cross over a 1000 seas!!!
Usopp: Sorry Kin'emon!!! It took quite a bit of time to fix the sails for the ship.
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Butterfly Smile: We’ll kill all of you rebels starting tomorrow!!
Bird Smile: Sorry to deepen your despair but today’s (cut off) is to celebrate the alliance with that Big Mom Pirates
Kid Pirates: Big Mom and Kaido~~~~~?!!
Heart Pirates: An alliance between Emperors?!
Law: Big Mom...
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