One Piece Episode 1002 - A New Rivalry! Nami and Ulti!

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One Piece EPISODE 1002
"A New Rivalry! Nami and Ulti!"

Arata na Innen! Nami to Uruti!

Opening 23 | DREAMIN' ON - Da-iCE
Chapter(s) : -

Screenplay | 中山智博 - Tomohiro Nakayama
Art | 土居ゆりの - Yurino Doi
Animation | 斉藤圭太 - Keita Saitō & 北崎正浩 - Masahiro Kitazaki
Direction | 嶋谷将 - Tasuku Shimaya
Storyboard | ___
Airdate: December 5, 2021

[Episode 1002 PREVIEW]

OP 23 - TV Size
Good episode

People may think Luffy is too trusting but remember he does have the ability to read people's emotions with his Observation Haki
after all.

Nami and Usoop make a hilarious duo, Sani asking "Usoop to protect Nami" shows the trust he has in his crew.

I wasn't expecting Apoo to have a higher bounty then Zoro honestly.

Jinbei here for only a few min and Luffy is already strssing him out lmao.

Luffy just casually using future sight in wano just so damn cool to see.


The Road To Harmony
Zoro and Drake's scenes were soooo good. Even better than in the manga.

Zoro is the perfect character to call out Drake's suspicious behavior. Luffy can see the best in people, but Zoro can sense their worst, and Drake knows he's right, for he's experienced moments of lapsed resolve in his life. Someone who would so easily defect from their side, no matter the reason, can't expect to be trusted. He must prove he is committed to helping the cause and not turn tail when things get tough. You're a soldier, Drake. Be one.

Speaking of soldier, the way Drake says they'll be forced to be enemies if Zoro learned he was a Marine has me pondering just how integrated SWORD must be within Marine higher ups, but that's for another day.
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I think it was a pretty good episode overall, but what was most interesting was the bit of filler that was added in Zoro's and Drake's conversation about the side he was on and his identity which was a bit more than what we got in the manga. He obviously can't reveal his true identity, but perhaps the Strawhats will learn about it anyway at some point in the future. Perhaps Post-Win?? [Though he has basically told Zoro in so many words. Cool stuff.]

Their skirmish was cool, but they didn't go all out in the manga to reserve strength for future battles and was portrayed pretty well. There was an interesting lighting effect as their swords clashed--like static or lightning though that couldn't be it. I'm glad that it was cleared up that Zoro WAS using Enma against Drake though. That was pretty cool!

Sanji's comment was dumb and I'm glad Nami called him out especially since Drake didn't even see Nami in the manga, it was some geisha woman. SO!! That was hilarious! On a cooler note the fact that Sanji was added in recognizing Page One, was good. Ancient Zoans are incredibly tough indeed!!

Nami and Usopp are a great team!! It was only the funny bit, but I can't wait to see them again as well as everything that happens in the next episode. It looks pretty. 4/5 here.

Oh also. It was satisfying to see Luffy confirm not once, but twice that Drake could join him and Drake's response on par for his character. He really had his doubts but Luffy with his ability to read emotions is just different!

Edit2: Zoro and Drake versus Apoo was cool too. Their combine attack while not super crazy was nice with them with pretty much voicing the same opinion of Apoo needing to stop doing dumb shit. A funny moment in a way to be sure, but that aside, it's interesting that Drake repeats in the anime that he can't be put down by (machine gun) bullets. Can he just deflect or just dodge like he did?? Or something to do with dino toughness?

I wish Drake would lay more of his cards down. It's frustrating.
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  • Only Sanji could see X-Drake and immediately connect it to an image of Nami being naked.

  • Funny that the one true reason to deny Drake, destroying Tama's village, is never even considered here.

  • Apoo got a bounty drop? I would love if the anime did that for every Tobiroppo and Calamity.
  • Poor Page One wobbles like a moving cardboard cut out this episode.:noo:
  • Apoo eulogizing by striking random instruments that ruin the seriousness of OST in the background. :suresure:A fitting character moment.

  • Criminal that the character going ha-cha-cha never does a little dance or a jig.
  • Queen and his big sexy machine gun.:christman: Good place to end it, rooftop material for next episode.
Okay episode. Not much to say since it's very dry content wise, meaning it's a sacrificial episode getting outsourced for more important content. Decent storyboard, solid OST selection, but subpar animation and enough off-model art to make me think Giolla used her DF on this episode.:catblush: The comedy also suffers a bit due to the direction though Usopp's VA imitating Nami got a hearty chuckle out of me. On to the next one.

Happy to hear there's a new OP in 1006. Interested to see how Jack Vs Minks and Kaido Vs Scabbards get extended from the preview.
Lmao, Sanji defeats Page One confirmed based on his reaction in this episode. @MonsterZoro :cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme:
I wasn't expecting Apoo to have a higher bounty then Zoro honestly.
Apoo's bounty was 350 mil if I remember correctly.
Luffy and Sanji's neverending marathon just started :suresure:
3 episodes of Luffy and Sanji running.........

I wonder if KOL will still say the anime is canon when Marco pressures BM in filler lol
Course not lol. KOL is a Big Mom fanboy.
Lmao, Sanji defeats Page One confirmed based on his reaction in this episode. @MonsterZoro :cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme::cantseeme:

Apoo's bounty was 350 mil if I remember correctly.

3 episodes of Luffy and Sanji running.........

Course not lol. KOL is a Big Mom fanboy.
Lol sanji didn't confirmed he beat page one at all