One Piece Episode 1034 - Luffy Defeated! The Straw Hats in Jeopardy?!

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One Piece EPISODE 1034
"Luffy Defeated! The Straw Hats in Jeopardy?!"

Rufi Haiboku! Mugiwara no Ichimi Kyūchi!?

Opening 24 | PAINT - I Don't Like Mondays. (Simulcast)

Chapter(s) : -

Screenplay | 藤田伸三 - Shinzō Fujita
Art | 陳烔年 - Tongnian Chen
Animation | 佐野聡彦 - Satohiko Sano
Direction | 佐野聡彦 - Satohiko Sano
Storyboard | ___
Airdate: September 25, 2022

Episode 1035 Preview

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Damn, all those insane feats of Chopper just for Queen to laugh it off and admit that Chopper did no damage to him.:josad:

Queen built different.:funky:

Thank you my good sir.:cheers:
I remember someone else saying the same thing but in that case it didn't mean much. :sanmoji:
How you kids doing tho, still telling yourselves that Oda would have Chopper outspeed and ragdoll King/Marco, the other WB commanders, the scabbards, etc? I would love to see Chopper smack the shit out of Katakuri. :watchout:
Even if Chopper did no damage tossing around a YC, Queen is still a joke. Chopper overpowered him.
Chopper is physically stronger no doubt, still I don't understand how he can dodge Queen's lasers, I was under the impression that only one person in the whole OP universe can do that.
Where's the Marco vs King and Queen tho, I only see Queen and Pedospero vs Chopper. :bamathink: