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I know but it's just annoying how certain people can believe that Luffy can get a bounty lower than 4.6 billion, like are you fucking kidding me?

Luffy has always gotten a bounty higher than his previous opponent.

Luffy got a bounty of 1.5 BILLION bounty after defeating Kata and Cracker who both had a bounty LOWER than Luffy. Do people realize how insane it was for him to get 1.5 BILLION after defeating someone who was 1.057 BILLION?

Now, we have Luffy defeating someone who is 4.6 BILLION. SOLELY based on that, Luffy should get a bounty HIGHER than Kaido's.

In addition to that, Luffy literally awakened his devil fruit, something that the world government TRIED TO PREVENT by sending one of their best agents (CP0 bowler hat). Now, Nika/JoyBoy is back. Luffy led a raid that took down 2 yonko, made an insane alliance with tons of pirates, and I'm not even going to talk how this disrupts the power balance in the world and how this is a bigger threat than simply a mere yonko who had daddy issues (Kaido).

You can argue that Luffy being Nika/JoyBoy won't be leaked but the Gorousei said themselves they couldn't cover it up last chapter. EVEN if it doesn't get leaked, Luffy should get a bounty higher than Kaido's solely based on his victory which has more repercussions than Kaido winning. Even Bepo said that the bounties may reach never seen numbers.

Yet, people still believe it's possible for Luffy to get a "3 billion" bounty because 9 fodders were apparently necessary to take down Kaido.

Even Kidd's and Law's bounties are too low for what they did.

I may be coping though.
Tell that to ODA
Luffy won't beat Shanks bounty

Gol D. Roger

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it's already third time i am forced to do this but ok let's make a comparison

kaido has what you just said.

luffy has:

1) adv forms of coc haki. all of them

2)strongest ( or most feared ) df in verse awakened. not mastered yet but sure will soon

3) a prettey decent fleet.

4) 3/4 red glyphs and the only person in verse able to read them

5) 1 to 3 ancient weapons ( poseidon confirmed is one, zounisha might be the second if confirmed he is uranus and actually pluton too if fraky decides fuck it i build it

6) stronger crew by far at this point

7) massive influence over : revolutionary army,wano,zou,fishman island,amazon lily,alabasta.

8) 2 warords as allies one of them as a direct underling

9) feat way more massive than all yonkos combined ( destroyed eneis lobby,massacred the totality of cp9, successfully infiltrated AND escaped from impel down ALONG over 200 very dangerous pirates including fromer warlards he ALSO previusly defeted in a sinlge day. punched a celestial dragon.

courrent luffy makes the wg look like his little bitch.

if he was even remotely evil or interested in actually destroying the world he could ammass all of the above in a couple of weeks than go to mariejoy streets in front of the wg hq, do this with apoo literally making the background music for him while he does that, killing them all, and NO one could do shit about it

who is kaido again as of now? a big dude ( if even alive ) with a mythical zoan and a bunch of other big dudes with other zoans and a couple of destroyed factories

wow. yeah. he needs a bigger bounty than luffy alright...
Let me just say this, you're in for a rude awakening.