Who will join Kid pirates after Wano?

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Man six accounts are linked to yours

You either live in a busy neighborhood or have a lot of pointless alts
Pattoucco's little group of zoro haters, they create fake ZKK accounts to make zoro fans look bad,that twitter account you see there for example says some really fucked up shit on twitter,to try and make Zboys look like pieces of shit.
That's why i thought mont3rx might be one of those accs since he has 6 ips it would make sense too.
. Subverted expectation, unxepected plot twists


I was wondering Oden knew what Momo's exact role will be and wrote it down in his journal, so Momo knew what to do and that he should not die. that is why he decided to age himself.
how did Oden knew that? is it a prophecy they learned about in Laugh tale?
sure they knew as well about Luffy but how could Roger think, that his son is going to be the one? Momo's was already born and they knew his exact role that's why Oden asked Toki to send Momo and the retainer to the future.
The Roger pirates know what will happen.