10 pages about Momonosuke preparing to stop Onigashima.
5 pages with Fukurokuju, Apoo and Hawkins defeated off-screen :steef:
Nah I'm sure the Momo shit won't happen for a few chapters.

But I think it'll be mostly Orochi/Fuku centric. Maybe an explanation for how Orochi lives in general.

I think Hawkins stuff will be tied to Kid finally performing a decent move on BM. Apoo hasn't even been shown for 20 chapters rofl, but I guess he's gonna call all or the rest of the Numbers for something.
Imo how thenext few chapters go:

1027: Raizo vs Fukurokuju ends in a few pages. Orochi's survival and main objective, whatever that is. Other scenes around Onigashima, idk

1028: Various scenes. Zoro maybe forces King into hybrid. Some more skirmishes with Sanji/Queen too. We see Apoo vs Drake finally, but its mainly focused on calling all or the remaining Numbers and something big happening there (trying to turn the tides on the performance floor)

1029: Continuation of the above, with someone (i.e. Chopper/Usopp) having their big moments in taking out all or some of the Numbers for the crew. Drake takes out Apoo in an attack (i.e. Jack/Peros). Other scenes, i.e. Luffy/Yamato vs Kaido if it does not occur in the above chapters.

1030: Killer vs Hawkins, beats Hawkins somehow, ~1/2 a chapter. Other half is Kid/Law's struggle with BM because Kid is at a disadvantage with Hawkins. Once Killer wins however, it leads to Kid/Law performing some big move on BM that actually hurts her.

1031: Onigashima falling/ Wano being saved chapter. Whatever that entails

1032/1033: Sanji vs Queen

1034/1035: Zoro vs King

Volume 102 ends.

1036+: Yonko battles/fodder fights. Maybe BMP finally get involved lol
Looks cheap...:josad: I hope its just for the opening and the actual episodes look good visually.
They could've only used the silhouettes from the actual opening and it would've still been better than this forced abomination.

It's unfortunate that there'll probably never be a proper live action of the calibre of Rurouni Kenshin again (not that these anime necessarily need one in the first place). OP is probably going to go down the drain because of their retarded and oblivious production personnel despite having a passionate writer like Matt Owens on the team.