Which WAIFU is superior

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i think it would be very cool to have some jojo characters make a cameo appearence in a persona game just like dante did in nocturne many years ago
I liked all the references they’ve done, like the one class question where one of the wrong answers is “the world” and in scramble where the writer dude from sendai makes a bunch of jojo references in his boss fight
here are the real spoilers
TAC is a FRAUD so everything in that message is probably the other way around. So:

Luffy: 2.15 Billion
Kidd: 6.32 Billion
Law: 4.02 Billion
Zoro: 5.51 Billion
Robin: 376 million
Jinbe: 846 million
Chopper: 0.01 million

Greenbull says all Shichibukai have been caught. Marines are the new top dogs of the sea. Robin has been captured and is possibly dead. Kidd and Law have an angry reaction.

Open the thread now. :pepebusi: