Remember hints usually only depict 1 scene/event. One Piece chapters rarely ever focus on 1 big thing, unless of course Oda is drawing a fully Yamato vs Kaido chapter
I mean, even if we're focusing on them, I think we're going to get something more meaningful out of it this time around. Maybe either of the two finally start touching on their pasts.

I think all the generic dialogue between them has run its course.
The Number 1023 indicated all of these:

1. Inu & Neko turning Sulong
2. Inu saying that he blames himself for Oden's Death Daily
3. Chapter ending with Mature Momo & Luffy saying let's go back to Onigashima
4. Queen & Sanji's Conversation about Science & Hint that Sanji could be Judge's Masterpiece & not Failture
5. Fire related Info
And much much more

So yeah, Oda definitely loves his Numbers
Holy shit, then I guess get hyped for Hiyori?
According to Japanese Theorist & how he uses Chapter Number to find Puns & predict what happens
It seems that in this Chapter, we will finally see Hiyori & also Reaction of Flower Capital Citizens noticing Onigashima approaching & starting to flee

It's basically Kozuki Family Chapter
He seemed to imply that Hiyori was the Pheasant in the whole momotaro tale...
Zoro is Associated with Four Beings:
Tiger - Shark - Dragon - Demon/Asura

This is clear Hint that Zoro must become Strongest in Land, Sea, Air & Heaven !!
This is also a Hint about his Match-Ups

He Defeated Hyouzou (Sea) then Pica (Land) & now King (Air)
But ofc, these Three only represent Land, Sea & Air, they aren't actually Strongest in them
That's why Zoro will Claim the Head of the one Truly hailed as Strongest in Land, Sea & Air
ZKK Incoming

After that, it's finally time for Zoro's Goal to reach Heavens, that's why he will Defeat someone related to Heaven & Land of Gods
Someone who looks Noble & have Eyes like World Ruler who poses as God (Im-Sama)
That's Mihawk

This also Parallels Pre-TS where Zoro also had Five Major Fights
Hatchan (Sea), Mr. 1 (Land), Ohm (Sky)
And then he fought Kaku who was like Combination of all Three
(Multiple Swords like Hatchan, Iron Body like Mr. 1 & Endless Ranged Attacks like Ohm)
After that he fought Former Greatest Swordsman Ryuma (But Weak Version, that's because it's Pre-TS Zoro)