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How lucky goofy is that Zoro and the scabbard, supernovae and Yamato took off 90% of the hp. And the rubber bitch, with the help of god Niki and 5 rounds, finished off 10% of kaido's hp.
Goofy in the smart guy. 1 Ran away from the mini King without even causing a scratch in the g4. 2 Ran away from Lucci by turning into an old man, leaving Lucci with a bruise on his cheek in g5. 3 Fell into a coma fighting with Kizaru and begged to feed him while Kizaru killed his nakama. 4 Lost in g5 to just standing Gorbachev. Zoro, leave the team, with this weak and rubbish captains with someone else's strength Niki.

Lee Ba Shou

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It did nothing to the giants point blank, it only made Luffy react in a cartoonish way. How was that impressive.
It’s okay man. Kaido being weaker than the Gorosei isn’t anything to be ashamed of. The Gorosei are stronger than all mere criminals, so Kaido being confirmed trash compared to them isn’t downplay.

This is just how strong the world government is.
I assume its because this story probably only exposes him as a character but not exactly what the WG did during the Void Century.

I absolutely think that by the end of VPs story we'll get at least 2 things:

- Imu's design
- The Ancient Kingdom's true name

The latter especially because that is exactly what Ohara was trying to expose. Something tells me it will start with a "D" and will be the reason for the D initial.
While I know the sentimet about those two, I think Imu's design is a unlikely though, Im not sure about Ak's name being revealed since he said he didn't researched enough to know stuff.
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