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So let me get this straight, the Goofy stans have been saying the entire time "wait till he uses Gear 5 against Warcury though, no way he tanks that!" only for him to do just that and once again hurt Mister Toonforce Top 1 in the verse AGAIN?


Man, I would hate to be one of the bozos that continue to cope about "Lorosei" because this is all just their intro. Luffy is running away despite having Giants as back up. The Gorosei are not done; this is all just the set-up for the final arc.

And they are already getting gassed this much?!
I don't understand why Oda makes Luffy do retardrd things like adCoa not working so let us go with hardening thinking that it will work. Atleast go with conqueror coating. Why does Oda do these retardrd things. Smh.
OMG guy clearly lost his teeth forever and is now on the verge of dying :suresure:

I guess Nami did more, as erasing 1/4 the face is >>>> breaking a teeth... not to mention Brook cutting off a limb, Franky breaking a hole etc

Do we really believe Oda wants people to think that the World Government's strongest fighters can be seriously hurt by the likes of Nami and Brook, let alone Sanji?
Or rather we understand that sneak attacks on immortal people who don't care to dodge and are focused on other tasks are totally meaningless?
FFS, Gear 5 Luffy can't damage these guys and he is tiers above anyone else...
Just compare how Luffy and Sanji fared against the same move from Saturn... Sanji was injured and helplessly pinned down for a lot of time, only Kuma's arrival saved him... Luffy was injured but in the very next panel was able to move and attack as if nothing happened

So if the much stronger Luffy can't damage them, how can someone who needed 928485953 named techniques to beat YC2 Queen damage them goes beyond human comprehension
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