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Foul Legacy

Warcury simply has a hard head and some readers are already placing him above Kaido:lawsigh:
This... missing brain cell people confusing between Durablity and Hardness.
Kaidou took on the same attack and went flying and got up as well.
Warcury is just tough for now.

Kaidou eats what warcury eats for breakfast
You guys need to understand that the Gorosei can't be hurt by aCoC, i know this shatters a certain world view but it is the truth.
KoH Style is there to do the job, there's a reason on why Oda is trying to sideline Zoro very hard that it became veru stupid ; this made me think about the moment where Oda had Zoro and Luffy sitting on the Dog in Kuri and suddenly Kaido appeared and Luffy wanted to fight him BUT ZORO GOT LOST 💀

if Zoro fought alongside Luffy , he would have hurt Kaido while Luffy failed at that moment all that to establish the durability hype for Kaido.

the same thing is happening right now .:josad:
This whole debate about ACoC is funny, considering its getting pushing by Latrine fans to damage control Kizaru horrible performance against Luffy. Oda has been a trash writer in most fights and that's why he always try to skip whatever ones he can get away with and cut corners. There hasn't been a single ACoC lighting since WSG.
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