One Punch Man - Chapter 129

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Symbol of Despair
Garou greatness as usual.

Darkshine used to be white :choppawhat:

It's interesting to see Garou questioning himself. He's finally seeing the possibility of him being the bad guy and bullying the heros. I wonder if he will stop or just stop caring. But's his views are starting to falter. Darkshine on the other hand embrassed himself this chapter. I wish the fight had an actual conclusion. Too many of Garou fight's dont get finished, unless he loses or oneshots them.
Garou is shifting little by little to his final form. Anyway I'm still rooting for him, when he realized the match was over and his opponent lost his will to fight instead of bullying him he let it go. He just wants the evil, the side that always loses, to win but he is actually not evil himself. It is as if he is always supporting the bullied side amd that is why a lot of people likes him.


You let him chain your heart too?
Damn the panels were amazing as usual.

The dialogue between Garou and Dark shine shows a real contrast between one who is continuously striving to be pushed beyond his limits and grow through it and one who while looking at fighting at 100% against someone, actually has a fear deep inside to be placed in a battle he couldn't control due to child trauma.

This experience will help to change his behaviour for sure. He also seemed to have a faint care in Garou in the end, maybe due to his soft spot emerging

On the other hand, Garou keeps getting stronger and stronger, while still remaining his human feelings(not wanting to bully the hero when realizing the fight was already over), with the ending interrupted by Tatsumaki going all out

Next chapter should be interesting :optimistic:



This guy dont hurt himself just for "lol why not"
Katakuri had one arc, where he wasn’t even the main villain, while Garou has been getting fleshed out for a long time now. Not exactly fair.

Doffy is the best OP villain imo, and as a pure VILLAIN, he’s better than Garou, who is a fantastic antagonist. Garou isn’t evil which is why he is a fan favorite in the first place.

Kaido and Big Mom are jokes though.

This guy dont hurt himself just for "lol why not"
Both of them are awesome in their own ways, but you can't say that Garou>Kata, it's like comparing apples with oranges. Although both of them are antagonists, Garou is one of the central figures in OPM, and imo will always remain so, whereas Kata doesn't occupy that kind of position in OP, he was relevant for just a single arc, which had multiple stories running parallely.
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