[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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Lazy is the way
the mafiauniverse wiki says the objective of Mafia is outnumbering or achieving equal numbers with the town, making a mafia loss an impossibility
Yes but if the town lynch a mafia member this round and then the town managed to protect their own they can maybe manage a win.

Ba t yeah you might be right about the impossibility.
I will prob die next NP, so I will give my thoughts now.
Queen,Rayan and HA001. Some of them might be scum, they jump on every wagon lynch. I know that Rayan and HA are newcomers but still suspicious nonetheless.
I don’t know about Seraphoenix, hope he is scum.
Cinera is the only one I trust to be town but there‘s a small chance he is scum.
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