General & Others Should Don Le Fishe keep reading this manga?

Oh uhm, I am at the start of that arc where the business men are becoming villains lmao
So you in My Villian Acdemia?

Anyway if you want spoilers on what happening now
Hero society fell to chaos, plenty of heros are either dead or retired due to the stress, Deku had a run as an edgy anti-hero/bait for AFO for some time, he told class A about OFA and they use the power of friendbullshit to take him back, than in the return to UA nobody want the bait in but his groupie who Don Le Fishe can't bother to remember her name change thier mind by crying or whatever. Oh, also civillians are all pieces of shit w/o any logic who only cause troubles and complain about heros
Anyway this where Don Le Fishe stopped to read this crap.
I don't know about other things but I thing I hate most in MHA is civilians bullshitting heroes for no reason....these civilians are just ungrateful bitches....