Smartest Kingdom Characters

Duke Hyou as SS is an interesting one. What makes you rank him that highly?
It’s just how I see him lol. Even though he’s an instinctual which usually isn’t associated with brains, I think Duke Hyou pretty much knows everything there is to know about war lol. He outplayed Riboku’s Ryuudou and Riboku called him “someone I could never understand” after all.
Nice List, here are few things I wanna point out though,
1. Seeing GHM in a same tier as Ouki is making me feel real uncomfortable. :brootea:
2. Whose the guy next to Ousen-sama in SS class..??
3. Kyoukai deserves to be an A class.
Finally an F for our GOAT Ogiko..:steef::steef::steef:
So obviously there is the "best strategists" thread, but who are the smartest characters in Kingdom? I made this tier list for the lulz:

Obviously smarts is extremely difficult to quantify but...Share your thoughts :)

Using ur metric. I would move Tou and Ouhon to the S tier.