Questions & Mysteries Something is wrong with Oda, why did Oda make Oden's scar bigger all of a sudden?

Is Oda minimizing Zoro's effect

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I can't believe I comeback to this crap. Look!

Oda's inconsistency with Kaido's scarring is undermining Zoro.

He keeps moving it all over the place and resizing it.

below we see that Zoro scarred Kaido from mid point Oden's scar to the top of Kaido's shoulders. Which is full body.

And below we see the proper position and sizing for the scar with the killer and oden panel:

But here again we see that Oda resizes the scar, minimizing the extent of Zoro's feat. Even the part that Zoro freshly scarred is skinnier than the rest.

Oden could at least fight Kaido in a 1 v 1 for a prolonged period of time and almost managed to defeat him on his own, whereas Zoro would get stomped into the dirt if he tried to fight Kaido solo.
when zoro didnt fight kaido 1v1 :kobeha:
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Oden vs Kaido
  • Survive from boro breath
  • Clashed with Teeth
  • cuted kaidos dragon form and leaved a Scar
  • Get KO from non-coc shot
Zoro vs Kaido & Bigmom
  • wiped boro breath by single swing
  • cuted fire cloud
  • saved luffys more than 5 times from bigmom,kaido by blitzing kaidos and bigmom
  • cuted base kaido with onigiri
  • Made yonkos dodge that oden couldn't do with enma with his whole life enma experience
  • cut kaidos dragon form reopened old scar - dragon twister
  • tanked kaidos + Bigmom combined hakai (2xkaiods) didnt get fucking KO lol
  • cuted fire cloud while had 30 broken bones
  • clash with kaidos hell hakkei vs 9 swords and kaido got thrown to back - 30 broken bones
  • after performed ashura with color of suprime king - 30 broken bones
  • cuted hybrid kaido and leaved a scar - 30 broken bones
  • also didn't get KO from even COC hit while halfdead. (he even said to sanji what happened to luffy after he got hit from kaido this all like 30 secs)

every dumb fuck able to understand oden feats vs zoro. You will be literally clown if you saying Oden > Zoro lol

also Kid oden neg/low diff RS Sanji
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Zoro low-mid diff Oden. It would be akin to Zoro vs T-Bone.
There is no evidence suggesting zoro is stronger than oden. When oden scared kaido, kaido looked like he was shitting himself whereas when zoro scared kaido, kaido barely gave a fuck about it for a single panel (Though it is hard to admit as a grandmaster fan myself, but it is what it is)

But Kaido still didn't meet a samurai as strong as oden. Just wait ODA himself will tell to us soon in wano, that zoro surpassed oden by making kaido acknowledge him as monstrous samurai and by making enma black