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Gorosei Informer

I constantly toy with this scenario tbh, Oda purposely kept Akainu from showing up instead of Aokiji and Kizaru because he would kill everyone LOL!
Maybe that's another reason why Oda made him become the Fleet Admiral too? So he can't be deployed by the Fleet Admiral or whatever anymore?

I actually got annoyed he didn't show up to deal with Zephyr in Film Z, but I guess given his role as FA now and the fact he wouldn't have the let the SHs escape would have been massive issues. Plus the whole massive world ending bombs and volcanic explosion combo, which his DF would have been extremely ironic and also ironically similar in that situation!

Given how much the film gave focus and love to Kizaru and Aokiji though too, I really can't complain to be fair! Akainu will get his time in the spotlight again eventually ofc, much like how he was the endgame of pre TS and for the Marines, he's gonna serve that role again post TS and for the whole story this time, especially with the Marines and WG ofc?

It's kinda ironic and baffling that he made that deal with Blackbeard for Bonney too but it's understandable too. Plus he's shown to be a crafty, manipulative type too so he doesn't always kill enemies either. I know he was acting on orders from superiors in regards to Bonney but I'm surprised he didn't try to wipe out Blackbeard and his crew there and then? LOL! And that he came alone too?

I'm really overthinking this, aren't I?

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