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Honestly, its extremely controversial for me. Extreme highs and lows here. More bad than good though really. This feels like the chapter to divide the community rather than the last one too.

I'm really not happy over Luffy's DF being retconned like this, everything we've seen and known of it being a lie. It's opened up so many questions and plot holes and yet EVEN MORE mysteries than we already have, the most overwhelming example by far in the series too.

I love my underdogs and as I feared, Luffy isn't really an underdog after all, just like Naruto as was proven multiple times with him ultimately and yes, Luffy is already related directly to the infamous Dragon and Garp which is bad enough ofc but this is seriously over the top for me.

I'm pretty hyped about Luffy attacking Kaido in a savage way and the fact we FINALLY have Gear 5th and especially his AWAKENING! Also reeling completely at the fact that the first "natural" Zoan awakening is Luffy's DF LMFAO! Not even Kaidos or any Beast Pirates too!

Luffys DF evading the WG for 800 years makes them immensely incompetent even beyond anything I've seen in other series maybe, even a certain final arc faction in Bleach of a "royal nature" and the current/later generation kages in Naruto.

This is giving me so many questions about Shanks than I already had too, really putting him into a whole new light and even confirming some suspicions about him.

I loved Luffy having a rubber fruit and being the underdog using it so creatively, uniquely and such but now hes a is mythical Zoan this whole time? How did even have rubber powers then?! How did he resist Enel, blunt attacks, bullets and whatever else?

I definitely need some time to dwell/ruminate on this chapter but honestly, I didn't want OP to become all about Gods like Dragonball has and other series. One Punch Man had "God" appear too which I didn't like either personally but I stopped reading it properly ages ago too.
I feel EXTREMELY divided.

Looking at just the chapter and the info we have right now, I don't like the retcon for Luffy's fruit at all too. But, maybe, MAYBE there's an explanation that ties everything is a satisfactory manner. keyword being "maybe".
As I said, I dropped my expectations so I can keep enjoying the chapter and, from a "just want to see pretty panels of action" perspective, I actually enjoy this chapter.
I kinda don't like "Illuminati Shanks" and I feel the story would have benefited a lot if Big Mom and Kaido never existed and we were exploring Shanks and Blackbeard right now instead. Or maybe the Supernovas being ACTUAL rivals.
Idk...I feel like Oda is reaching the inevitable point in his story that he just threw so much shit into the pot, he can't help but rush or give unsatisfactory conclusions in the long run.
But I'm gonna keep enjoying each chapter, then, when this fight is over and we get some cool post-fight moments, I'm gonna evaluate how I end up feeling about the story moving forward.
But man....changing something so iconic as the Gomu Gomu no Mi takes balls. I'm not saying I like it or dislike it. I'm just saying that it definitely takes balls trying to change something you've been building for over 20 years now. I don't know if he will make it pay off, but I can only hope at this point. LMAO.:pepecopium:
I think he’s a shadow type spoiler, when he sees injustice he will deliver the spoilers for us, when he sees that the other spoilers use their powers to do evil « don’t read spoilers guys we want you to enjoy » he will choose to deliver us from these bastards.

When it comes to One Piece Spoilers, ALWAYS BET ON HEUNG MIN SON
It's warrior of liberation

Sanji is called warrior of science

Nothing special but you know sanji fans have not much to feel happy about when it comes to fight so this is important for them
Lmao those providers doesn’t really know anything about what makes Sanji fans happy and have the audacity to decide for them that this makes them happy :sanmoji:
And what do you mean by “ sanji fans have not much to feel happy about when it comes to fight”? Let’s not act as if Sanji didn’t get any focus on his powers as fighter this arc same way as Zoro :seriously:
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