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What if kaido Wins this fight too. And then goes back to alliance and while fighting he just standing. Everyone is standing scared with all the Conqueror leaking out and when everyone's just gives up and accepts their death. They all realize kaido ain't moving and he passed out of being tired or died. So basically this way kaido wins and lives upto if it's 1v1 it's always kaido. Yet luffy pushed this hard.
Similar to Hero killer stain from vibes from MHA where he won everything , scarred everyone and then passed our due to a broken rib.
ofc it will
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He said شكل كايدو ودع
means : I think Kaido has lost (Just his prediction from the hint)

But hasn‘t ist not rather to do with the Nickname of the Hint? American Dragon Bryan Danielson? But Kaido has nothing American...?🧐🤨🤓
Yes they don't love nice boys just don't give a shit about her and she will come to u , or pay to two of ur friends 10$ let them chase her and then when she stuck u go and fight ur friends in front of her and she thinks u r her hero and savior and the first kiss will happen
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