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I can safely say that wanos ending was the worst.

1. No need to have included enma or the ame no habikiri since none were used to take down the major baddies in this arc. Oda could have written the second kitetsu blade having the properties of enma and Zoro could have used that instead since enma nor the ame no habikiri had zero purpose.

2. There was zero need for hiyori to stay in the past and grow up since she did not contribute at all as an adult to this story.

3. Kidds interactions with kaido (him beating killer and Kidd) and killers interactions with orochi (being used to save his crew) were not even expanded upon and instead Kidd just opted to leave everything to Luffy when it pertained to kaido even though he had more at stake.

4. The grim reaper plot made zero sense since there was zero pay off with It. Hell oda didn't even use that was a way for Zoro to meet ryuma spiritually.

5. Ussop and NAMI served zero purpose.

6. Tana (a child) being apart of a war with a yonko crew made zero sense especially since there weren't any stakes.

7. There was zero purpose of onimaru being a fox or being the guide to weapons in the first place.

8. It was also a zero purpose of the creator of kitetsu stating that Zoro could make enmaa a black blade especially when he didn't make it a black blade in the most important arc for enma in the first place. Why would oda even include that dialogue if Zoro still won't accomplish that until much later when the involvement of enma would even be as important.

9. Exactly what was the purpose of the minks (except neko and Inu) being in this arc? Exactly what purposed did they serve?

9. What was the purpose having cp0 fighting people (trying to intervene kaido and luffys fight) out of their league?

10. Exactly what purpose did xdrake serve in the entirety of wano??? Even when he joined Luffy her served zero purpose.

And these are only a few things
10. As a spy for Larines. 0 Purpose? He'd be fighting Luffy if he didn't change his sides. He'd have two groups against him. 9. ordered by WG to forsee what's happening at Wano? Eliminating Luffy before he becomes Nika? 8. fighting against the intruders that poisoned them and made them suffer at their own place? 7. Black sword immediately after getting it? Want Oda to be called out on asspulls? 6. She fought for her right to have a full stomach after being motivated by Luffy and co and she had power that mattered. 5. The weapons he guarded were used by the imprisoned Samurai? Where do you think they got their swords? 4. How Zero purpose? They fought 2 tobi roppos. Helped during the pre raids. Had an epic moment. Ussopp was just a supporting staff tho. I can believe he didn't shine much. 3. The plot ain't over. You are concluding early. 2. Had he not done that, it'd have put him at severe disadvantage and everyone would have died. So he had to choose one path. 1. Why didn't she? She lead to Orochi's downfall. She sent Enma and Abe to their respective owners. Because Kaido shouldn't have been defeated by anyone else than Luffy so why would Enma be responsible for that? It scarred Kaido again. Ame couldhave been used to kill Orochi but how'd Momo save Onigashima if he went to kill Orochi? The story would be different.


I’m debating between Jealous or seeing Tama as a little her.

Adopted parents. Call back to Bellemere and Genzo ?

But she looked a little jealous
Nami embracing Tama just after that even though Speed was there. What's up with this.
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