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ONE PIECE 1053 SPOILERS - Luffy and Buggy are the new Yonko. Not Kid and Law.
- Luffy, Kid and Law all have the same bounty
- Buggy and the Straw Hat bounties aren't revealed.
- The Wano Country Arc hasn't ended yet. We're still in Act3
Not part of my job to confirm or uncomfirm any stuff that comes from random users...
But i do like Detective Conan
Detective conan till 400 is GOAT :finally::finally::finally:
THEN Clash of red and black is the best arc. DEFINITELY my top 5 arcs :fujilaugh:
After that it falls off for normal cases. Filler os way off.
Bourbon arc was good but I preferred in manga. As it saved a lot of time.
Rum arc is going good I am on epsidoe 850s.
Hope Rum arc turns good because 800s epsidoe are easily the most boring
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