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Update on my friend watching One Piece for the first time. We stopped where Zoro, Wyper, Gan Fall, and Ohm are facing each other.

Found the hijinks with Luffy in the snake + Zoro getting lost humerous.

Funny moment for me was his reaction to Sayori's brothers. He looked so done when the flavor dial was used lmao.

@Cross_Marian my friend has taken to calling Wyper "Sasuke" now. I felt like he was impressed by his tussle with Luffy so he's coming around at least. I asked him and he said that Wyper can redeem himself if he quits attacking the Straw Hats.

Liked Choppers fight with Gedatsu of course. Pointed out that Chopper encountered 3 of the 4 priests this arc, dude really gets a beating. Still his favorite character.

Really liked Robin's fight, especially with how she stomped her opponent so quickly.

@solis you'll be very glad to hear this. But right now my friend has said that Enel is his favorite villian in the series so far. He likes how cocky the dude is and how proactive he is in the arc.

There’s hope… he will come to the right path.
Wyper > Sasuke though (as a character)
Kaido said Luffy is weak to slashes.

Ryokugyu has a sword and possibly a black one, aka a level of blade that not even Shanks has.

Boom. Luffy is fucked as per the canon material.
Being weak to slashes means shit, even Kaido got slashed, WB got punctured, everyone is weak to slashes, dotard. As expected of a dumb latrinecuck like you. You will be hiding in the hole pretty soon like the Zkkcucks.
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