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Now Admiralbros talk about how fraud Oda is really??......
You took all resources and clowning when Kaido got some goofy and tiny L plus not being able to finish off opponent. Admirals are the real deal and more competent
Making several threads after Yonko have been defeated.

You expect a particular Admiral who is in no way portrayed to be on the same breath as do on par feats and even more better....and he obviously can't do.....and clown just as equally stupid.
No, I just did not expect an admiral to run away from MOMO

CoC: Color of Clowns

The Queen of Zou: Carrot Eat D. Grass
Fuck Wano. Fuck the last 4 years of this manga. Fuck the Scabbards. Fuck Yamato. Fuck Momo. Let’s leave this fucking island already
"Fuck Yamato"
That's the dream.

My worst nightmare is still Oda going the Oni-Shota route with Yamato and Momo.

Don't worry: I'm 99% sure we'll still be on this fucking island by the end of the year. We're not even going to leave Wano, so much as Wano is going to leave.

Wano's a Sky Island now (well, soon), whooo! Just need Big Mom to light up the volcano and knock Wano up into the sky. The end of this arc is going to drive people nuts.
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