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I will never forgive Oda
I'm on chapter 45 on Naruto so no spoils please
But this Kabuto guy is gonna fookin die isn't he

The other teams got a little intro and dialogue right before the survival game
Kabuto did not and not only that but his team mates are faceless characters that didn't even get a name

This fella is gonna get rekt
Is this your first update on Naruto? Link me to any before pls
Huge chunk of the country is pro Russia, openly or not it's irrelevant, didn't you wonder why you don't hear from some parts of Ukraine?

Uh well, because there are not attacked.
I don't know about that,bro.It sounds like propaganda.From what i heard from some people.Ukranians hate Russians.You know...Holodomor was a thing.
@Playa4321 @solis what do you guys think about Frankfurt?
I hope you guys never saw the street interviews on You Tube
I swear we have normal people here
To late, I see videos from this Pumping tinder shit... god that was awful. What happen in your city with the young Generation?

Overall Frankfurt looks great, lot of great restaurants, great Döner(which one is your fav döner restaurant?) and more. I hope will visit it next year.
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