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I think now is a good time to do a big update since I'm a decent chunk through right now. This is my first mostly blind readthrough of the series.

I am on chapter 45 right now, no spoils pls if you respond. I am reading the colored version of the manga

I say mostly blind because I have actually watched the anime up to right before the Chunin exams
So anything after is basically fresh for me.

I like Naruto as a character, the goal to be acknowledged by his village and such is very nice. It will be nice to see him improve and grow throughout the story.

Sasuke is cool guy, nice rival to Ol' Naruto. I kinda know the deal with his past and the Uchiha clan and stuff but I don't know it all fleshed out and stuff.

I've heard a lot about the memes about Sakura so it'll be interesting to see the context. Sakura has not really made a great impact on me but I would say she won't detract from the story really. But I also did notice that during the mist arc while Naruto and Sasuke powered up and showed new techniques she just stood by the old guy the whole time. More about that later.

Kakashi is fav, really fun character and mentor. So is Rock Lee and Might Guy.

I gotta say that this series is a bit more violent than I was expecting. Characters are actually dying and the injuries seem pretty severe at times. Like that fisherman guy that had both of his arms cut off Jesus. And this is just the beginning of things.

The Series has a very strong start, a good way to introduce the world and the main character. That mass shadow clone jutsu was pretty hype. Though the pervy gags were kinda eh and I can tell they're gonna be an element in the series sometimes. However it won't bother me really.

Something I've had on my mind was that I really like the fighting and combat system in this series. Jutsu have a large variety of creativity and I like how much strategy there seems to be in the fights and such. We're in the beginning stages and it's already pretty wild. I'm a big fan.

Idk what the arcs are called but I'll refer to the first one as misty bridge arc I guess. Strong first arc in the series that is short and sweet.

Zabuza is a cool villain, really liked his final stand when he killed corporate asshole guy. I actually named a few Dark Souls characters based on him because of that.

Haku is a tragic character, sad to see that he was willing to selflessly sacrifice himself for Ol' Zabu. She fucked Sasuke and Naruto up as well.

Chakra training was nice, I like seeing scenes of characters improve themselves, big reason why I like Hajime no Ippo a lot.

Naruto has some nine-tail hax goin on. Instant healing and all that jazz. Already pretty strong for a prototype, no-tail form. Probably gonna work like Luffy's gears where the more number of tails means more power and stuff. Can't wait for end game hax.

I understand the Talk no Jutsu and Sakura memes now. Naruto and Sasuke got cool power-ups, Sakura climbed up a tree. My hope is that she'll get true moments where she shines as that could lead me to really liking her character. I'm always a fan of characters who are looked down at but still get their moments after all.

Also yea Naruto basically talked into Zabuza into killing himself since he made him realize about his love for Haku lmao. I'm really looking forward to how it develops as the series goes on. But yea Zabuza is kick-ass and that scene where he kills corporate guy is my fav.

Arc also has a nice example of the strats that I was talking about. Especially with that Giant Shuriken trick that Naruto and Sasuke pulled off.

Now on to the Chunin Exam arc. Nice way to introduce a colorful cast of characters for down the line. All seem interesting. Especially Gaara, I actually remember him from an out of context episode of Naruto I watched a long time ago as a kid. This guy is definetly an intense mofo and probably gonna be a big deal.

Rock Lee won my heart with pure physical technique, always like unique power sets like that.

Something smart that was done was that the first test was that it helped show some of the powers of other characters. Gaara was the creepy sand stuff that will probably always be a problem when he's fighting someone.

Puppet guy caught my eye was well since he got a big showcase as well.

I figured that the 1st exam would be about cheating since the instructor guy said that you would only lose points and not be disqualified if you're caught cheating.

Sound Clan Guys are assholes and are the villains of the arc.

Her name escapes me rn but that purple haired instructor is probably a fan favorite cause of her personality and such.

About Kabuto

The other teams got a little intro and dialogue right before the survival game Kabuto did not and not only that but his team mates are faceless characters that didn't even get a name This fella is gonna get rekt. They're making it so we're not too attached to the character so he's gonna be behind something big.

5 day Survival game is gonna be brutal and I'm interested to see how it plays out and how the sound clan guys will be assholes.

That's all I can think about for now.

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