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Gorosei Informer

Why does everything i follow starts going to shit?

Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, MCU, Harry Potter and so on...

Thank god for Better Call Saul and Mr. Robot

This shit makes me scared for God of War, but i'm gonna choose to have faith
They all have extreme popularity, the most even and get milked due to excessive greed and then ruined. At least thats definitely a factor/part of the pattern anyway.
I am just sliding in here real quick (from my op break) to say:
What the f... was that ending to that arc?! And that arc in general?! Oh boy...

@Shimotsuki Ghostly
Thank you for mentioning me in the Gintama discussion a couple of days ago! Unfortunately I was not around on this forum or any one piece community for a while to calm down from the heated discussions around this arc & then to calm down from ... well everything connected to this story during the break month. After that I only just read the spoilers roughly each week, too. :/ Now that the arc finally ended this week I decided to drop One Piece altogether after twenty years of following it with a lot of passion, because of how bad it has become. It's really sad. But I guess I draw a coping Illu of Zoro visiting Ryumas grave at some point. lol. I still can't believe that Oda is enjoying the way the story is now and how he does not see how much he has ruined it in one arc. One act of an arc to be precise. It's an enigma to me. Especially after the amazing stuff Oda has written in the past. I am actually speechless...

However, despite dropping the series I can't wait for Drizzt's last video about Wano though. The previous one was very thoughout, too, and had some promising hints about how it is probably going down and really going to dissect wano down to its bones. :D Until its out I'll cope by rewatching Gintama now for its quality writing and to erase wano from my mind. lol. Luckily Gintama can't be ruined anymore. It is beautifully executed up to the very end. ;D (Take notes, Oda!) Take care, Ghostly! :)
PS: The Shimotsuki in the name suits you. :D
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