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The art is fine
The story or narrative isnt really catchy
ye .... it's fan-art, they include their funny theories etc... x) .....
still i agree with oda, i would prefer them to try to do their own original manga
i mean it's cool to learn from onepiece, but then .......... original mangas please x)

if i were to do onepiece themed manga/one-shot, it would be about its fandom
someone who visit the onepiece fandom ............. fandom island, something like this
characters similar to fans, zoro vs sanji fans, salty fans, spoil squad, generations etc...

if they want to do a "jump" manga, the cheat list, it's always the same :

- select the main target audience ~ shonen 7 to 15 years old dudes ~ seinen 16+
- manga artist goal ~ make target audience live their funny reactions/emotions (others can react too)
- how to learn about emotions → google "wheel of emotions" .....

- manga = funny simple drawings ~ reactions dropped by images/drawings alone
- story manga = some focus on stories, reactions can be dropped by text alone
- gag manga = some focus on gags, reactions can be dropped by gag alone

- choose main theme .... exemple the job of the main character, or his hobby, etc....
- materialization rules it depends of the magazine, wsj 20 pages/week, other jump mags differ
- tools it can be paper and g-pen, or there's "jump paint" software for computers/tablets, etc....

- when it comes to the universe, there are some basics .... always the same
- the main dude/group, they have a challenge, only them can do it
- what readers are supposed to inherit : friendship, strife, victory + the desire to progress
- then characters have healthy and unhealthy character traits, some are more healthy, some are more unhealthy
- universe cheat list ~~ characters, stages/venues, items, power ups, events/stories, timelines, dimensions, etc....

- then production part, the speed version that looks like nothing, "name", it's to test the reactions
- when test version gets validated, it's the raw production part, then the edition, etc...
- and then the publication stuffs .... - and then the readers reactions x)

readers reactions .... theories it's vigilance/anticipation, salty posts loath, fan-art joy/love, etc...
when you know/understand all of this , you can't really be part of the fandom anymore .....
or not the way you used to be once ......
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