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What cope is this shit argument.
Genjutsu tied Kurama to Obito, edo tensei's bind is controlled by a talisman not the summoner himself, thus killing the summoner is useless as the corpses maintain their same attributes. This is the same reason why unbinding it, IF POSSIBLE, is useless

Sealing Obito broke the genjutsu, the contract, that allowed Obito to summon him in the first place.

Lady Chiyo even reinforces that attacking the user will burst genjutsu.
Are you sure this applies here? Kurama didn't break out when Minato hit him on his back lol

So zilch they're favoring Tobirama given every circumstance and the usage of the Edo Tensei.

Teleporting barriers, being faster as documented by Tobirama, being quicker on the draw / better at utilizing it... You're comparing an old gen iphone to the newest model here.
More like Iphone Pro to a normal one really, there is not that big of an advantage in FTG when Tobi knows how it function by heart, an thus can use his other superior attributes to close the gap and gain advantage.

Okay so the entire translation of Izuna=Madz comes from this user. Either take their new comments at face value or toss away the old translation. There's no other reference to this parity of power between the brothers.
The take away is that Izuna was second to Madara and there's nothing concrete to be used to argue parity between the Uchiha brothers.
You're reaching for scraps here. Even if Madara is slightly stronger, which is most likely true, the context is what matters. The panels themselves show how they're very close in power.
Minato has nothing on Tobi except a slightly superior FTG that won't even grant him as big an advantage agaisnt your average shinobi.
Unless you mean kyuubi chakra Minato then fair.
Youpi is retarded that's his main problem
Fair enough

Chrollo could easily outsmart him but the question isssss how does he put him down

Godspeed Killua did 0 damage to Youpi without metamorphosis

He's probably the most durable character in the series behind Mereum

I'd compare it to Captain Kuro fighting Jack

Sure his battle IQ trumps Jack's 100 times over but nothing he uses will do any damage
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Ok maybe stomps isn't the right word
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