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I will never forgive Oda
Genjutsu tied Kurama to Obito, edo tensei's bind is controlled by a talisman not the summoner himself, thus killing the summoner is useless as the corpses maintain their same attributes. This is the same reason why unbinding it, IF POSSIBLE, is useless

Sealing Obito broke the genjutsu, the contract, that allowed Obito to summon him in the first place.

Madara and Obito have an actual contract with the Kyuubi. This is shown clear as day in both instances. Obito recognizes the contract seal as something to cut him off from the Kyuubi.

This is an instantly recognizable technique that does not apply to this unusual situation nor does the name imply the contrived definition you have.

furtheemore when Sasuke has all the Bijuu under his genjutsu he cannot summon them like Obito/Madara. If it’s simply due to genjutsu than Sasuke would’ve used a summoning jutsu as well. But he didn’t.

More like Iphone Pro to a normal one really, there is not that big of an advantage in FTG when Tobi knows how it function by heart, an thus can use his other superior attributes to close the gap and gain advantage.
What “superior attributes” when teleportation is a battle of speed and Minato has him outmatched by Tobirama’s own statements? Or has a superior usage of it?

You're reaching for scraps here. Even if Madara is slightly stronger, which is most likely true, the context is what matters. The panels themselves show how they're very close in power.
Minato has nothing on Tobi except a slightly superior FTG that won't even grant him as big an advantage agaisnt your average shinobi.
Unless you mean kyuubi chakra Minato then fair.
Lmfao okay Op powerscaler, they don’t. Standing next to each other doesn’t imply that, ever. Never in the story are they pushed as very close to one another simply the strongest Uchiha around. The translation that is used to support Izuna = Madara is not accurate. Nothing in the manga or data books says anything like this either, your entire argument here is based on mistranslations that the original translator fixed.

Tobirama has; no significant suiton, Edo Tensei that don’t matter, a slower FTG with a more limited usage. In a battle of teleporters, speed and utility wins out, Tobirama won’t be hitting Minato as much as the latter will because he won’t catch Minato
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