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106.101 is salty because it's a Sanji chapter :kobeha:
Every Zoro fans needs to learn a basic concept that has been clear since the early days, especially after Alabasta.

Whenever we get a Sanji fight chapter, it only means what's coming next is Zoro's fight and they are always better. :steef:

So when Sanji starts fighting for real, i get hyped, because then i know Zoro's moment is coming closer.
Dude's a clown.
And clowns like to perform "clown acts".
The day he and his little crime family are put behind bars, is gonna be more awesome than Sanji unlocking CoC.

Btw, spoilers only next week?
Can't agree with Sanji unlocking CoC, but i hope you are right about the clowns.

Wait for spoilers, last week (actually early spoilers for 1020) we got them later on the day instead of the morning, there's still hope.

I don't know, i fear if that happened (in case he was murdered at least) he would become like a martyr to his followers and the military could use that as an excuse to take over the power, after all his vice is a general.

It's a pretty shitty situation all around.
Paper voting will not go through and he knows it. Hes just using it to cause tension because he knows he is losing the elections next year. Cant wait for this day!
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