Powers & Abilities The Big Trio's Attacks Are Kinda Boring... and Everyone Else's is Too!

Hi Worstgen,

Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all have used the same technique since forever ...

Luffy's punch is a pistol... or a cannon... or a bazooka.. or some shit that's been done a million times.

Zoro does the same sword attacks except slightly enhanced every time.

Sanji does the same kick attacks except slightly enhanced every time.

This crap is the same every time 😑

Your weird little powerscale mechanics only account for them overcomplicating a punch or a sword slash or a kick.

If you look at Jimbei it's even worse it's always over the shoulder throw with the guy.
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I mean, Sanji limits himself to only use legs 99% of the time. So what else he can do.

He would've use blades, but it can only happen on a very specific circumstances, against food and/or in kitchen.
He would've use guns, but he himself is faster than any projectiles, so he didn't do it.

At least we get a lot variations to his kicks, like using the back of his feet, a spinning kicks, uppercut, etc.
It's literally the same attack in the original post except from the other viewpoint.

Here Zoro does the same bs attack he always does

And here is Sanji doing the same bs attack he always does too

When will it end? Nobody knows... not even Oda
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Luffy has different forms: G2-5, many different attacks: whip, gatling, bullet, bazooka, pistol/gun, giant Luffy, turning his surrounding into rubber, thunder attacks. Most anime characters have a fraction of that skill set.

You are correct about Zoro and Sanji having very boring fighting styles:

Zoro: slash > slash harder with aura> slash even harder
Sanji > kick hard > kick harder with flames >kick even harder with blue flames

Other strawhats have a higher potential than Z/S for more engaging battles, Nami has weather abilities with a shape shifting weapon (Kite from hxh), Brook has soul abilities, Robin's fruit can be used in many creative ways, Chopper's forms...

Unfortunately, Oda just doesn't care about strawhats other than Luffy. That's why you see Nami always spamming the same thunderbolt, and Robin spamming her clutch
Well luffy can do no touch, snakeman thousand arms attack, fat man throw away with belly attack and toon diff, also turning into giant or flying around with G4 and G5

Zoro does fear-diffs, close combat, flying slashes, blitzings and no touch. Also flying around with slashes and super jumps nowadays. Don't forget creating asura

Sanji goes invisible speed mode, does some fiery stuff, lightning stuff, no move tekkai exoskeleton thingy and flying around too

I think they're quite versatile
Well now with gear 5, Luffy can coat his fist with elecicty just like how he manage to control that lighting storm against Kaido.
I always wanted Luffy to do a open hand strike, so when he spins it it will become like a drill. But I think that will be too deadly for Oda liking because Luffy would piece his opponents if he does said attack or it will be questionable why he didn't piece his opponent to the fandom...

Mhm, Zoro and Sanji fighting style is boring now. Oda could easily change it up with Sanji though by Sanji getting hot enough where he can throw his fire at his opponents with his hands. Plus CoA haki + exoskeleton solves his hand problem. Let Sanji be a complete fighter and not handicap himself.

Zoro um I don't know more wind attacks but with Advance CoC and His sword lighten up with flames. A huge fire tornado or putting the real Phoenix in his attack move set would be fantastic
The swordman uses swords and the kickkman kicks, oh the humanity.

The fool speaks because he had to say something, as they say. This thread is definitely authored by a fool.
The swordman uses swords and the kickkman kicks, oh the humanity.

The fool speaks because he had to say something, as they say. This thread is definitely authored by a fool.
Who the hell ever said a fool speaks because he had something to say? That's the most ADHD shit I've seen all day