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How much do you guys know, so far?
Until now all I can come up with is Greenbull versus Someone big, some say Sabo is there, Some say Dragon is there, some say Awakened Kaido is back versus GB, some say GB tried to kidnap Robin and taunted Luffy about Sabo being dead or kidnapped and Luffy went nuts on him. Some say Mihwak and Boa captured, some say Teech arrived, we know nothing concrete.
Read some Reddit Headcanon just now, at least tell me if that's correct or not
No, Oda is not going to make Ryokugyu’s big debut be him getting his ass beaten. He has never done anything like it with any of the other Admirals and he certainly is not going to do it now that the Navy is being built up as the Endgame enemy more than ever and no, Ryokugyu is not going to defeat the entire alliance on his own. The alliance will split, leaving the Straw Hats vulnerable for a tactical strike.


If no Zoro, then no fight with Aramaki. If no fight with Aramaki, then we're not in Wano.

In that case chapter is likely catching up on news from the outside world.

Probably Buggy, Hancock, Weevil, Mihawk, etc.
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